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Astral Claws

Commission of this 40k Theories video…
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I am enjoying Arch Warhammer's series on the Badab War and how the Imperium basically

screwed over Lufgt Huron and the Claws leading them to turn to Chaos and become The Red

Corsairs. You reap what you sow. Excellent work, Brother. The Tyrant approves.

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Astral claws: Come with me and together we can rule the galaxy as free Astartes !

Lamenters: I don't believe what I'm hearing ! You've changed ! I don't know you anymore, Astral Claws, you're breaking my heart !

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More loyal than the Dark Angels.

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Anyone is more loyal than those lion loving b**ches

and yet even inquisition have learned not to look into them unless they want a lot of people going missing or planets disappearing

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Exactly ! I wouldn't trust the Dark Angels with a soup spoon !

and that's why i would honestly side with them because their are only few chapters that even inquisition know that should not to get on their radar, they've pissed off the Space wolfs at one point that they it an inquisitor lord killed even with grey knights backing them up

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As dumb as they are, I'd rather be with the Wolves. At least they seem to know how to party: I hear they really know how to set a town on fire. Planets even !

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The Astral Claws did nothing wrong... until the turned traitor.

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Looking like such proud champions of the Imperium there, don't they?

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You mean future red corsair.:D

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