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June 21, 2018
Britannic at night by Eliott-Chacoco
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Britannic at night


Painting made by me.
This is the HMHS Britannic in 1916, requisitioned by the Admiralty during the First World War. She served as a hospital ship.
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HOLY SHIT! Great job, how long it too you to do that?

It’s a shame with that mine she struck at Kae.

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This is such a strong image, I love ships...
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Breathtaking! Really puts in mind an account of an encounter with Britannic given by a worker at Harland & Wolff who got to go out and meet here after her sea trials:

"Just then the deep pulsations of the three chime whistles of a big ship came over our heads as the tug skipper snapped the telegraph to "Full Astern", and through the fog appeared two huge white cliffs over our masthead - the Britannic - - I loved her and her new colours suited her; she had far better proportions and balance than the Olympic or Titanic, and from any angle she was aristocratic! - - I made my way to the engine room doors to collect a crowd of engine room officers with whom I was to return to Belfast. I looked into a cathedral of steel; pink-tinted arc lights softly lit the two gigantic reciprocating engines' polished steel, brass and copper work and through it all the weird soft wails of the feed pumps, puffing auxiliaries and sitting on the cylinder tops and steel stanchion rails some sixty E.R.A.s in brown boiler suits singing, 'We Are Here Because We Are Here'. Never shall I forget that scene of power and beauty in the heart of a lovely vessel."

Now thanks to you I have a picture to go with that lovely passage. Cheers!
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wow, thats pretty dang good.
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Jolie illustration ! Il ressemble au Titanic, non ?
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Merci ! Oui, c'était l'un des navires jumeaux du Titanic. Il possédait la même architecture que ce dernier.
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Wunderbares Bild. Danke fürs Hochladen!
I found something out about Violet Jessop, the TITANIC stewardess who also served aboard BRITANNIC... Apparently, she was serving onboard the OLYMPIC when it collided with another ocean liner in 1911 (it was this collision that delayed TITANIC's maiden voyage, while OLYMPIC was in drydock being repaired). 

Something I didn't know about World War I is that it *almost* didn't happen! If Archduke Franz Ferdinand's driver hadn't made a wrong turn and had to make a detour, the Archduke wouldn't have been assassinated. 

I discovered these bits of historical "trivia" at the following URL:…

It was certainly worth *my* time! 

Belated Happy Summer Solstice to Deviants in the Northern Hemisphere; and belayed Happy Winter Solstice to Deviants in the Southern! 
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C'est vraiment magnifique, à couper le souffle !
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This wonderful work is already in my favs! :thumbsup::)!

Very nicely done!!
Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)
Congrats on DD By Marphilhearts by LindArtz
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His Majesty Hospital Ship Britannic sinks in 55 minutes.
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Dear god this is amazing. Fantastic work
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Fantastic atmosphere, lighting and attention to detail.
Very well done.
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