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Amazing! I love it

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You should sell prints and donate the momey to the Notre Dame rebuild 
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thanks Eliott that's an amazing testimony. Love it. You are a great artist!
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A very effective tribute.
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I find it surprising that the fire happened on the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.
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:iconarnodorianplz:  I just heard that because the Assassin's Creed Notre Dame was so detailed, and accurate, the architect rebuilding it is using the game version as a model.  And Ubisoft is donating money for the reconstruction effort.


The Assassins will rebuild, what the fire has destroyed.

Glory to the Assassini!
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I lee what you mean, cause I felt the very same...
Nice capture though the reason is a sad one...
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I heard this on the radio and was deeply saddened and horrified. I am glad that they saved most of it though, and hope someday it will be restored to its previous glory.
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stunning illustration
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I hope they could fix it soon😢
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Thank God it wasn't COMPLETELY burnt down.
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great pic.
Gleadly only the Roof and the litle tower from 1850 fell victim to the Fire and the main part of the curch is hardly damaged.
But it could have turned out way worse... we were really lucky :(
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I was watching it live on tv and damn... it was horrifiying, but so brutally beautiful that I couldn't look away...
It hurts to think about all the things that were lost in the fire. I was always a huge fan of the stained glass windows.
Well at least it went down in a spectacular manner.
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Nearly everything was spared, dude. There was a recent renovation going on which cost $6 million and artwork & relics were removed last year prior to it. Other pieces were saved by firefighters. Most of the cathedral isn't even damaged.
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That's nice, but it's still sad that the tower fell
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It was more of a spire than a tower and it only dated back to the 1850s, so it wasn't ancient or anything, just about 160 years old. The whole cathedral will be repaired within 5 years. Mark my words.
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the main windows were saved, as were the bell towers and pipe organ.
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I bet Muslims did it but police will cover it up, especially because of yellow vest.
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Highly unlikely. Your incredibly offensive assumptions about islam aside, I feel like an extremist intending to wound the catholic church would have wanted to show as much disrespect as possible, and thus would probably have waited to burn the place down until easter sunday (which was only a week away.) 
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