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Phase 1: Devotion
My name doesn’t matter.  It’s not who I am anymore.  Now, I am just we, and we are as we are.  We move, think, breathe as a whole.  We take hits for each other when it’s advantageous, and let others fall when it’s not.
We do not feel.  Emotion unravels motive, purpose.
We do not have families.
Our reason for existence is to slay and protect, and to do it unseen.
We are ninja.
Phase 2: Devotion Challenged
We have been stationed to protect.  This is odd.  It doesn’t feel right.  Typically we are sent to kill, but this time, we only guard.  There is a family who holds a deep secret, dark enough that not even we are allowed to hear it whispered.  There are those of us who are curious, who speculate, but we are not allowed to ask.  The family is not allowed to know we are here, because the family’s enemies are not allowed to know we are here.
Another clan has sent a tea
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Fanfiction by Elioma Fanfiction :iconelioma:Elioma 0 6
Kill Them Gently
Elo perched on the gothic gate on the roof of the high-rise, eyes blazing silver on the backdrop of her night-dark skin as though reflecting pure moonlight.  At least, that’s how it would seem had there been any moon to reflect.  Instead, the only light was manmade, beaming out of the bustle below bright enough to make a spark on a satellite photo.
Her wings were tensed, helping her balance as she watched the people milling through the west side of the city.  They had wings, too, but they couldn’t see them.  Their wings were as invisible to them as she was: invisible enough to pass through as though nonexistent.
They’d live differently if only they could see.
They just continued as though nothing was wrong, shuffling through streets that had more flashing street ads and illuminated storefronts filled with models and body-image slogans than a mall corridor.  There were girls everywhere, some with skin as dark as her own, some lighter tha
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Bright part 1
part 1
“Ah ha! Took mine down first bro’,” Mikey called out jubilantly.
“Yeah? Well I got mine hog tied first so I win,” Raph responded. Lying on the ground next to him was a Purple Dragon thug, his legs and arms trussed together like a calf in a tie-down contest.
“Aw man,” Mikey whined. He made quick work of securing the Purple Dragon that he’d caught before asking, “What’s this week’s count up to now?”
“Fourteen for me, twelve for you,” Raph chortled.
“Count later, hunt now,” Leo chastised, drawing their attention back to the job at hand. “You on them Donny?”
“Yep, they just turned the corner,” Donatello answered. “You’d think they’d drop the money; those coins are slowing them down.”
“Greed dude,” Mikey observed, bouncing up next to Don. “Are they still running?”
“They’re trying to,” Do
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I am sorry... by RedNightCrawler I am sorry... :iconrednightcrawler:RedNightCrawler 147 59 AUT: PSA by 10yrsy AUT: PSA :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 190 49 Envious Donatello by agi-nekonin Envious Donatello :iconagi-nekonin:agi-nekonin 59 12 Least weasel by Sergey-Ryzhkov Least weasel :iconsergey-ryzhkov:Sergey-Ryzhkov 223 13
And One to Grow On - Prologue
Rating: M for language, Raph will be Raph after all.
Disclaimer:  TMNT and all related characters currently belong to Nickelodeon.
Warnings: Little bit of foul language and mentions of past character death.
Summary: Lost and alone in another reality, one turtle must try to find his way home. All while trying to forge a place amongst a family who lost one of their own under horrible circumstances and seemingly resents his very presence. No OC's. Set: 2k3 up until 'Good Genes'. 2k12 up until 'The Good, the Bad and Casey Jones'. Comments, thoughts and concrit is always welcome.
I'm Australian, I therefore do not use American English. 
This story has a full, detailed synopsis, just needs fleshing and typing so it will be completed and this is likely to be the first in a series.
And One to Grow On

The worst thing you can try to do is cling to something that is gone , or to recreate it. - Johnette Napolitano
Raphael had always had a temper. In fact,
:iconzelgadis55:Zelgadis55 38 13
Mature content
Through Rose-Colored Glasses :iconkawaiicheesecake:KawaiiCheesecake 5 14



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United States
I am a young adult and have just started drawing in January of 2015. I would love to pursue a career in graphic art, but my only real experience lies in graphic abstracts and designing setting in reality games. So this is me trying to broaden my horizons and hoping I didn't wait too long to start practicing.

Just started a YouTube channel:…

And an Archive:…

Still very much works in progress, and a very different kind of art, but, hey, come see what I've got, anyway! Current works are TMNT2012 and Teen Titans fanworks.
To get through and keep up with all of Ray-Ken’s art because there is some incredible stuff going on there and I am missing it all.

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I miss hanging out with you!
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