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Hello Friends ;) I'm Elioenai but you may call me on my real name which is "Werner" I live In Pretoria South Africa way at the bottom of the African Continent, Pretoria is also the capital city, with a population of about 60 Million with Only a handful of us are White/Caucasian with about 4 to 5 million..

We speak mainly Afrikaans which are our home Language I guess you may call it "Dutch" since we are from European descended Like Germany and The Netherlands mainly.. I've been on DA for many years now and I mainly draw Fan Art for about 20 years now and it's always traditional :) I'm a very friendly guy and get a long with pretty much everyone...

If you like my art and my Bio (If you read it) I know not everyone bothers reading someones Bio, you can watch me and I'll do the same.. I treat everyone her with respect and my friends here means a lot to me.. That is about it ;)

A little basic information:

Name: Werner

DOB: 18th April 1985

Country: South Africa

Hometown: Pretoria

Sex : Heterosexual

Current town: Benoni

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour: Dark brown

Zodiac Sign: Aries





Strong personality







know it alls

rude people

crowded places



So since I'll be more active here here is a few things you should know about my dedication to this site

1) I respect every artist here on DA, their work and Opinions..

2) I'm always willing to help were I can

3) I always visits my watchers on a daily basis (If possible)

4) I never fave an artwork without commenting

5) I'll always support my watchers as much as I can

6) I visit new members regularly

Special friends I've known for years:


Favourite Visual Artist
There are a lot I can't choose just one
Favourite Movies
I don't watch movies
Favourite TV Shows
Umm i dont really watch tv that much..But i love smallville
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Avril Lavigne
Favourite Books
Not keen on read
Favourite Writers
Don't have any
Favourite Games
Skyrim, The last of us, Grand theft auto 5, 6
Favourite Gaming Platform
Sony Playstation 3 and 4
Tools of the Trade
Pencils mainly
Other Interests
Drawing, Painting..

Llama Farm

Quartz: It's a big honor to be awarded a Quartz badge! (123)
Gold Coin 2023: Someone thinks you're golden! (44)
Gold Coin 2023
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How to Draw a Feminine Pose
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Donation Pool

For core+

Donate 80 points an I will draw your OC for you of your choice :) shaded and coloured, I will never expect from you to Donate for free, I want to make it worth it for you, As a token of respect

3100/3000 points
Thanks to everyone who donated! Fully funded!

What makes you happy ?

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Look what this idiot said on one of my drawings, Sorry guys, I blocked this fool You guys should too before he say crap like this on your art
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No matter who you are or what your talent level may be to others, in my eyes these are all awesome :heart:
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You're not going to believe this. But, @Knockboxtv has put threatening pictures. You should ask your friends to report his artwork and have him banned forever.

Thank you for telling me dear friend, Where is the pics? I can't see them after I blocked him.. But I will make a status of it later on..

His pics are on the featured gallery.

Oh okay, So sorry that you are a target now to dear friend :( Hopefully he'll be banned soon

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Thank you for the fave! Black Cat

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