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simply bella

I just can't get enough of kristen/Bella so here is another portrait of her made in GIMP 2,6. Worked for it about 9 houers I think. It was kinda tricky to get it to really look like her but I think it ended up nice in the end. :D

what do you think?:giggle:
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wonderful painted :clap:
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This is absolutely beautiful! :love:
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You are so welcome!! :huggle::heart:
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HOW are you doing this in just 9 hours?! :eyepopping: lol
For something like this I'd need 30 or 40h at least....
:worship: It's fantastic!
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well :XD: I used about 2 houers to get "the look" down on a sketch. and about 2-3 houers for the skin and her eyes & mouth. And finally the hair and other "touches" in 3-4 houers :P:D

thank you!!:blowkiss::heart:
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Nice :thumbsup: I'm kinda obsessed with details so I'm taking my time.. Haha, I painted a wristwatch for a good 10h or so... lol
Keep up the good work!
btw, nice avatar you've got there! :giggle: Check out mine :giggle: it's even better :D
Happy April Fool's :D
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I could really use some of your obsession, I often rush through it and and misses a lot of important details...
Haha Wow 10 houers on a watch! I would never have the ability to pull that off :XD:

Oh, thanks I love mine, ...NOT :XD: I'm so far away from team jacob as you can possible be!:P
Haha yours are just outstanding:giggle:
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So you need a little more patience... It's gained in time, but in the meanwhile, have a llama :XD: lol
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I gues you're right:aww:
to get more patience I need to have paitience to wait for it :XD: lol
oh, thank you:D:rose: Have a Llama you to:hug:

yeay! we just got our right Icons back! bye bye team jacob! :XD: and thank G gaga is gone to!
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YAY, gaga bit the dust!! :woohoo: FINALLY!!!
I thought that llama business will end too, but I guess it's not. COOL!
Thanks for the llama! With yours now I have 10 and therefore I now got a Super Llama! :dance: YAY
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haha :XD: yey I thought so to, but apparently not:shrug::aww:

No prob;) haha, congrats to you then, miss super Llama :XD::heart:
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Masterpiece! And the 9 hours where payed with the fact that she really looks like Bella.
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