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Yes, She's cool

By Elin-Darling
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For Erin. Something I did in Chem the other day, since I didn't need to know what we were reviewing (already took, and passed, that test). I personally think the arm looks odd, and thats like, an anatomically impossible position, but whatever. Lots of people I showed it to said it was cool. I am proud of my coloring job, though. With my second-rate colored pencils, no less.

Yes, I KNOW Integra doesn't belong to me. Stop ruining my fantasies!! I'll just go cry now, and point out Kohta Hirano as the true . He gets money off her. Not me.
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*raises hand* I've just been linked here from SHINE. If I may offer some constructive criticism...?

This looks epic. And yes, the coloring's awesome, even with your "second-rate colored pencils"! She looks completely badass, even if she wouldn't ever be caught in that sexy pose. XD

Don't worry about the arm. It doesn't look weird, it's fine; arms really do work that way. If anything looks weird, it's her shirt. (Er...I THINK that's her boob...)
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she looks so cool!!!
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you colored it! :XD:
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Oh, sexy. I love how she looks tough and smartly dressed and yet you can still see all her curves. Rowr.
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Glad you like it.
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H'okay, here's the draw-over I promised: [link]

Hope you can see it okay, I didn't mean to leave it a JPEG. Also, you can ignore the body, that was fine. So as you can see, the position was nearly correct! It is possible for her arm to be raised that high, but the elbow is misplaced, and the lower arm is foreshortened incorrectly. Very frustrating for me to draw them correctly, even, and hard for me to explain any better. >_O


Disregarding all of that, I truly like this picture! Even the folds you managed on her coat, are great. (Me and folds.. honestly)
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Oh, I see it! Well, darn, now I wish I could change it...Le sigh. I guess I'll just suffer through.
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