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SSC - Judith X Harley Bedtime (reuploaded alt)

:iconwhippedz:'s Judith gets put to bed by Harley Quinn!
They've previously met here:

This is a reupload of this picture, since the last one got deleted. In that one she had TENS Units/electro stims on her breasts. This one doesn't, because those are apparently against DA's policies? I dunno. 
Anyway, if you prefer it with electro stimmed breasts, you can find it on my twitter @elijahpinkart
This is a sketch I did on my stream!

If you want to watch my stream, please head over to
Also, all my stream sketches, including all the ones I've not posted anywhere else, can be seen in full-size and uncensored at my Subscribestar
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Tight belts, zipped in tight, 10/10 would snuggle

That is really critic but I see nothing non relevant in it, every thing has been carefully designed.

seeing her feet inside of ballet shoes is really attractive ...but she looks some what high, anyway that is great

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Oh my goodness....She looks utterly amazing!

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lovely with the cuddly toy

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Well, doctors now say sleeping all night on your back is preferred for many people, so let's make sure you don't thrash around or roll over in your sleep, so you get the best possible night's rest. ;)

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Who needs sleeping pills when you've got a sleeping bag like this! :)

I actually sleep like that. Except it's a little more comfortable and none dangerous while still impossible to move. Love my dom

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Wow! Sounds cozy :)

It actually is. So coasy and warm. And really secure 😉

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I'd be even more jealous if she was blindfolded. It'd be an amazing sleep ^_^
ElijahPink's avatar
Yeah having the light on and no blindfold makes for really sucky sleep, you're right! Either blindfold or turn off the light! 
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Where i.could. Support you
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At least she's tucked into bed and won't fall out of it any time soon.
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She can spend the night and even try to asleep
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Good Night ;-)) hmmmmmmmmmmm great !Hug 
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