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Rose institutionalized

:icontfjohnson:'s Rose has been... volunteered to have a stay in the Institute. I'm sure she's really happy about it, too! :)
I really like gag in this one, personally. A panel tightly holding a big thick cloth or foam thing, that's pressed up against the nose - to muffle and smother... That's the way I like it. 

This is a pic from a stream I did a fair while back. My streaming has been on the backburner for a while now, but I hope to get into it again!

Also, all my stream sketches, including all the ones I've not posted anywhere else, can be seen in full-size and uncensored at my Subscribestar
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Wow! That is it....just WOW!

xdf2's avatar

that ballgag hanging on her neck is a really nice touch.

I would love to be her

ElijahPink's avatar

I say this a lot, but Im sure she'd love to switch places...

I wish I could would be frightening and hot

rlovelace's avatar

Very hot, dangerously so. And that's edge play, for ya. Amazingly well crafted and inspired situation and image. Bravo!

ElijahPink's avatar
Edge play? This is just good safety precautions when riding on an unsteady wheelchair! ;)
sexyfreak2345's avatar
I love th institute ones. 
MADVILLAIN666's avatar

I hope we get to see the helmet one day!

ElijahPink's avatar
I think tf (who's character Rose is) has some ideas for a sequel :)
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the institution knows the perfect punishments
ElijahPink's avatar
They have a very well researched plan for any ailment!
TheBattleMaster's avatar

no wonder they are popular for the naughty ones ;)

i hope you will show us her with her discipline helmet and more layers too... ;-)

Radarn's avatar
Absolutely excellent as usual!!
soo wonderful to see how she become such a totally helpless rubberdoll

glovedandbound's avatar
Amazing work!!! I would love to see her on the "proper restraints" and the "discipline helmet"... Please??? =)
ElijahPink's avatar
Ahaha yeah we've been talking about doing a follow up of some sort on this one, actually :)
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very lovely
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