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Cami AKA Maki

Cami loves getting gagged. Gags can't seem to ever get big or tight enough for her!
Luckily, she's got frends who are very willing to help her out. Scarves, socks, underwear - you name it. They pile it on her until her entire head resembles a sushi roll. So they've given her the nickname Maki. Somewhere under there, she squeaks in delight :) 
I posted this on my Patreon back in May! It's still available there, in full size, with (if you're in the 10$ tier) WiPs, sketches and a time lapse video thing too :) (NOW MOVED TO Subscribestar ! :)
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She is very similar to me then :3

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Ever try headgear, huge neckbrace, and a jungle of hardware/braces/fixators? I'm sure it would be horrifically painfulllll~ <3
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Pink tights! ^^

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Its been a while since I've worn pink tights, but they were fun! I think all of my tights are black now, except for one tan fleece pair for cold weather. Colored tights are cool!

Can she even breathe?
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I mean not too well, but that's sort of the idea for her I think :)
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Love your stuff so much!

You know, you should make a scene where a poor gal gets strapped in for days with a feeding tube up her nose, and a diaper to keep her safe n sound, that would be really humiliating!

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It would be! 
Tubess up noses freak me out tho :0 I think its trauma from watching some UFO tv thing when I was way too young :D
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Amazing arts always!!!
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Heheh, that sure is a lovely big gag she got~<3
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Agreed!  Haha:)
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Excellent Elijah but you're gonna be in trouble for exposed nipples!  LOL

Best wishes,

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Who doesn't like nipples exposing themselves a bit! :)
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Believe ity or not, Elijah, there are quite a lot who object to nipples exposing themselves.  LOL

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Given my screen name I don't think it's a shock I love this.

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I swear, at the rate you're going it won't be long before it's just a block of reinforced concrete with a ponytail sticking out of the top. :D
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I mean I have drawn... something ...similar :D
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