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Askir - private character commission

A private commission for a Dark Eye player I finished recently. It's way too hot everywhere, so spreading coolness through illustrations feel great :D

If you'd like to learn more about my workflow, check out my Patreon - starting from Level 1, patrons get high resolution PSD files with layers to take a close look at how I build illustrations like that:… :)

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Fan of Pottwal Prem on his way to the next match obiously - in his real life he´s a carpenter!

Well done on colours, perspective, proportions!!!

Great image, but IF I had to add anything I would think that there should be some piece of sail in the background. And some runes on the weaponswould have been nice.

Weiterhin gutes Gelingen!
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I saw the whale on his shield, and all I can think of is Moby Dick.
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Yeah, it's an iconic shape - in the world of The Dark Eye, the main deity of the culture the character is from is symbolized by a sperm whale, that's why it's there :)
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Viking; I’m a badass!
Other Vikings: He has a whale!
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Hehe, yeah - the whale is the symbol of their culture's main deity, others will recognize it :D
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His fierce demeanour is softened somewhat by the cute whale shield! :D
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It just looks cute until you get crushed by the fin! :D
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Na wie episch sieht das denn aus? Tolles Bild!
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Nicely done. Rather large and middle-centered watermark is a little distracting though...
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Thank you! I'm always trying to find a balance between making it too easy to crop it away and having it obscure too much of the picture, sometimes it's hard to hit the right mark with that :/
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Maybe you can try to place it as if it is actually a part of the art. For example a small vertically oriented handwriting-typed signature on the prow
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