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Purple Emote Series: [link] :iconnananaplz:

Zikes code: :cutewave: (Thanks to =Rose-Rayne :hug:)
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Can I use the Angel mark?
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Aww. that is really cute :giggle:
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wow, thats gatta be the smoothest wave iv ever seen :D
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Glad you like it :la: Thanks!
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So cute! Thanks for making this! Much better than this --> :wave:
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Great, thank you
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They should replace the ---> :wave:
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yay :D Looks really cute <3
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Aaaww :aww: so cute~! ^o^
It makes me feel like I'm in love xDD
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Aww, lookit! It gets all excited and everything before it waves. :giggle:
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Another cute one! :aww:
I actually really like this one a lot better than the original "wave". I dislike when emoticons are given actual hands and other unnecessary things other than spheres. XD

The facial expression is very adorable too. :heart:
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I kind of do too (sometimes) :giggle:

It all started because of that actually :giggle:

I always like a good nana emote.. but this :nana: ..... the hands just killed it for me :p so i made :iconnananaplz:
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