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disegno fatto per il mio moroso...lui non lo sa e per scoprirlo dovrà venir su deviantart...^^
tratto da Berserk,uno dei suoi manga preferiti!
spero ti piaccia piccino
anke se é fatto in fretta in una settimana di poco lavoro!
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Next chapter supposedly comes out Tomorrow... in the meanwhile, I'll fav this.
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Great Silhouette!
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Grande y no solo de tamaño, es exelente.
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cool but, but those are identical scans from the manga, and gutts crying blood, rly?
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That's such a wonderful piece! I love Berserk, I like the way you got the essence
of it in a simple way using shapes, very original.
:) :+fav:
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complimenti!! O_O'

rende l'idea di tutto ciò che sta dentro il manga
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this is from the secong volume of the man i think
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this manga is very cool!!!
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It's a vector!!!
Berserk is one of the favourites manga of my boyfriend!
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wow, vector!

great work! :w00t:
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Veramente Bello!

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cool... Guts vs the Godhand, can't ask for anything cooler ^^
Complimenti a Miura che ci fa sognare con le sue tavole. [link]
Bello il tuo lavoro.
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i like it very much :D
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This is amazing!!

I love the way Gattsu looks in the shadow.... great freakin' show!! I haven't been able to read the manga though
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Thanks for making it so big, im going to print it and put it on my wall :)
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figata*____* anche il mio ragazzo mi ha costretta a leggere Berserk! XDD
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awsome!! very original and cool great job
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