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Eliastone. That's me. by Eliastone Eliastone. That's me. :iconeliastone:Eliastone 2 0 Candle and Sword by Eliastone Candle and Sword :iconeliastone:Eliastone 0 0
Love Locks
I met her at my school, by the time she told me her name, she had already decided my fate,
It was clear to me that I was her desire.
I didn’t know any better, I was juvenile.
But that didn’t stop me, I fought for her.
Oh darling, you’d illuminate my heart as we’d write tales of lust and how we’d sail the seven seas,
We’d gaze at the stars on sleepless nights; sharing love locks and bites
The peace, the harmony came pouring down like rain
Flooding my insides, down my spine, I can’t believe I finally felt no pain
You wrap your fingers between mine again, to pull me down an alleyway,
Where our words continued to play, and the stars decide our fate,
I felt the cold asphalt growing darker with the storm,
You were shining brighter than before, pierced through the abyss of the night like arcane
You were everything I have ever dreamed of in a girl, I could feel my heart going insane, my emotions being reborn
But as we carried on it felt darker and cold
:iconeliastone:Eliastone 0 0
The New Erra
Another girl 16 and pregnant, her life’s now stagnant.
Smoking weed, getting hammered with her parents.
Yet everyone’s commenting “'gratulations”
HAH! Congratulations, you’ve got no foundation.
Now my observation is; your offspring will be a bunch of faggots
A young mother with single marital status, juggling bad habits, raising maggots who will probably end up in caskets.
‘Madness overwhelms her soul, she’s become savage. But she fronts like she’s the baddest.
But what can she do? Her mother's crazy, her father a beta male who watches steve brule
They’ve not taught her discipline, manners, and she doesn’t know how to listen.
A family without tradition, usually results in dissonant cognition.
But don’t think I’m dissin, because like I said I don’t comprehend.
I haven’t walked a meter in her shoes.
I guess you know what they say, it ain’t easy playing blues.
But it’s up to you which path you
:iconeliastone:Eliastone 0 0
Your name is on my tongue when you’re beside me
Your face is in my mind when you write to me
I’ve recited every reason you should stay about a thousand times
And when I look in the mirror
My reflection will be just fine
If I could kiss your kips a million times
I would hold your hand as I walked with you until the end
Your hands touch me in ways I always crave for
Tease me in sweet ways I could never prepare for
Hold me between your arms like I’m your only one
For my mind never crosses fear when you distract me with a kiss
I can feel your love in the movement of your lips
A total warmth pleasantness as you cling to me
In sweetness your love blinds me
In my heart your love completes me
In my dreams i rest easy
In the morning my heart keeps beating on, and on for you.
You’re the one who could make me cry, but wouldn’t dare to try
Because all you want is to see me smile
And I would only do the same
A perfect love making my heart go insane
Won't you stay and b
:iconeliastone:Eliastone 0 0
Sarah's Dressed In Blood
I’ve been searching the grove for you
You’ve ran away from the castle I built for you
Desolation rots within these woods
Weeping trees in the darkness, spiders that once wove
Webs among the shadows, lurking in the silence
Creeping in the abyss of the night comes the howls that will terrify
We’re both a little twisted Like the voices in my head,
am I better off dead?
But you never let me inside
You never gave me that chance
Even when your castle’s burning floor by floor
You couldn’t look in my eyes
Always telling those lies
All I did was try and keep you protected
And I’ve failed because of your selfish decisions
You would leave me to die in this haunting, creeping forest
Even though I’d do anything for you
And all you’ve managed to do is shatter hearts of glass
I wallow through the curtain of branches to find
That they lay in the dirt and she’s covered in blood and grime
Take this… it will terrify them
Take this, I promise to
:iconeliastone:Eliastone 1 0
Italian food with wine. by Eliastone Italian food with wine. :iconeliastone:Eliastone 0 0
Make Believe
No matter how strong of a person you are
There's always someone who can make you weak
My arms ache, outstretched for too long
Wrapped around a lover who isn't there
I can't tell you what I want
So i'll keep writing songs about you
maybe then you'll figure out
Just how much you mean to me
Sometimes we just have to deal with the fact
That life doesn't always go our way
I have this great imaginary world
But sometime's I want you & I to happen for real
I wonder what goes through your mind
when you hear my name
trying to forget someone you love
is like trying to remember someone you've never met
falling in love is awfully simple
& falling out is simply awful
You told me that you loved me
so why'd you go away?
I can't explain to you, how much i died inside
So i'll make you understand
by writing songs about you,
I can't tell you what i want
so i'll keep running my mouth
maybe then you'll figure out
Just how much you mean to me
You're the only good thing left in me
:iconeliastone:Eliastone 0 0
Love Will Find A Way
Someday someone will walk into your life
and make you realize why it never worked with anyone else
we could just lay in my bed all day
and forget about everything and still be okay
Well love will find a way they say
even if it sounds just a little bit cray
Well you kinda showed up in my life one day
and i thought i'd maybe ask you to stay
you're making my heart run a marathon
well you kinda came and swept me off my feet
with that lovely face and identity
oh girl
you've got my heart thumping out of my chest
what do i do when i see the most beautiful girl?
We'll i'll stare, i'll smile at your beautiful face
and when i go to sleep at night
you'll be in my mind as the girl who i want by my side
You know i try my hardest
i'll never change who i am inside
So you'd better keep your arms where they should be
keep them wrapped around me
i'll never leave you i want to make that clear
and if you want this
I'll always keep you here
:iconeliastone:Eliastone 1 0
Feathered Clouds
When the world starts breathing with me
The colours high rise in the sky
I've made a connection with everything now
Nothing is how it used to be
We've got airships & captains sailing through the clouds
I will never be able to explain
How shadows were one with my brain
I can hardly believe when it starts to rain
Because my world's still burning brighter than the pain
How could I ever leave? How could I ever not look back?
How could I ever leave? How could I ever not return?
To the reality where the sky falls down
The roads stretch like leather, they're never ending
My eyes start bleeding colours I've never seen
Recollection with my thoughts when I got to sleep
I'll wake up fine, & I promise I won't lost myself tonight
:iconeliastone:Eliastone 1 0
King Me
Because of what you've done to me
I'm finding it hard to breathe
If I could write a book to explain
The fucked up shit that's on my brain
It would take forever to obtain
I tried to be your king
I brought the ghosts out the walls
you told me you could never escape
the butterflies that make you shake
i only wanted to make you mine
no harm was meant to be done
But when you betrayed me with those eyes
I could have sworn I almost died
Drowning in my mind
I'm nothing but sorrow now
My finger cradles the trigger
My lips cradle the barrel
and I die alone, all alone
and i fall in misery, in misery
and i can't seem to swim from myself
drowning in my mind
drowning in a swamp of sorrows
:iconeliastone:Eliastone 0 0
Kingdom Of Snow
When I dream you're always with me
Your smile gazes over the sky
your eyes make me forget everything
that's wrong in my life
When I wake up I think of you
Your voice is in my mind
If only i could see your face every day
It's bad enough being all alone
with you on my mind i cant let go
i want to be with you
when i go to sleep i grasp tightly
onto my cozy blankets
but it don't compare to the nights i spend within your arms
please tell me that you'll be back
It's starting to get pretty damn cold
there's a kingdom of snow that awaits us
i can't believe that summer flew by so fast
I wish I didn't have to miss you every day
But you see, i think it's worth it
'cause i know we can last if you just take my hand and trust the words i say
i'll construct you the biggest castle out of the nicest ice and snow
and i swear to god if anyone tries to break our kingdom down
The only kingdom that they'll see if 6 feet wide and 3 feet deep
so don't worry about a thing i've got it all figured out
I know we
:iconeliastone:Eliastone 0 0
If I Stay
The night will sail to the edge of the world
and light up all the stars
We'll lounge below the sky
You had me believe everything's just fine
And in a flash you changed
You left me here alone
I'll never forget how your words meant lies
I'll never again fall for your disguise
You knew all along where you were leading me
I wonder if I ever cross your mind
Just for a second
Do you even miss me at all
Would you look back just for a second
I can't believe I thought I had you figured out
You're clearly nothing more than a waste of time
How could you leave me standing outside?
I tried to pave a gold road for you
But who would've known that gold doesn't come for free
All the bleeding, hoping and tears were a waste
To see in the end
That the gold was fake
It's like you want me to fail
Make me believe false hope
I saw that look in your eyes once
It kept me crawling back
But every time I returned, I noticed your teeth were sharper
nails were longer, more ridiculously vicious than before
In my eyes
:iconeliastone:Eliastone 0 0
NEED VOLUNTEERS! by Eliastone NEED VOLUNTEERS! :iconeliastone:Eliastone 0 0 Triangular composition by Eliastone Triangular composition :iconeliastone:Eliastone 0 0 Dart by Eliastone Dart :iconeliastone:Eliastone 0 2
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Adam Marton
Artist | Student | Other
I am a musician, (see some of my work in the link below)

I've played cello and stand up bass in concert band and orchestra groups for 2 years, I've had jazz training in guitar for 2 years, and been self teaching with the occasional schooling on the side since. I've been writing music since I was 12, I am currently going onto 19 years old next month. I believe I'm an advanced musician, although I am not the best and I have lots of room for improvement. I've lately been very interested in learning visual art and I'm highly motivated by the other artists I see on this website.


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