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Hi Everyone,

First of all a HUGE Thank you for supporting me with comments and "likes" at my works here on DeviantArt.

From the new year 2019 I finally made a decision to create my Patreon page(…).

This doesn't mean that I will no longer have my DA page BUT from now on I will post everything there first and specially my NSFW images(covers and pinups), lineart in High-res for downloading, early access to my content etc.

Thank you


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If i join how many images are we allowed to download?

Hi Elias! I sent you a message. Are you available for work?

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just in case your account gets banned, there are some other websites you can put your work in:
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happy new year!

and happy birthday to me
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Will you be allowing monthly "Request Polls" where patrons suggest a pin-up scene up ?
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I'll try to do as much things as I can.
To do request polls means that I have to have more patrons. So, yes, I hope in the future to do it.
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