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Non magical magic is all about distraction and attention control... Zatanna does this better than almost anyone. If one had her looks, of course they would do this.

Fabulous work!

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Never really cared for Zatanna.
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Wonderful!  I'm such a sucker for fishnets.
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im guessng copic markers, or some kind of professional markers 
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A lovely drawing, and I especially love that it's traditional media. The white stars in the background are a cute touch.

Her right leg is off, however. Since we can see the curve of her left buttcheek, the right definitely does not line up, even allowing for hip tilt. Now composition wise, if her leg was moved up to the correct place, it would block the adorable bunnies, but still... Otherwise, the anatomy is spot-on, so the leg really sticks out to me.
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This is magic!!!
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Love that sexy magician.
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One of my favorite female super heroes.
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oh the detail!! ;)
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Lovely Zatanna
Nice.                                                                                                  Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit emote 
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Fantastic work, congratulations
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This is a lovely drawing. I only know Zatanna as some sort of comic character, but this is the most enjoyable depiction of her I have ever seen.

It just came to me that the owner of such a hat would never go hungry.

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I just realized that you have a comic book style drawing, the large thighs, and lips, and nose kinda made me see it.
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It's hard to believe that she would be 50 if she was real.
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"I'll be your bunny rabbit!" :)
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