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Velma on blank cover Scooby Apocalypse #1
Colors: Copic Markers - Color pencils
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My nerdy girl waifu looks good. 
Velma IMO was the hottie.
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I'm digging this new found love for Velma. Girl never seemed to get enough love.
This should be the next Scooby Doo series!
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Cute.  Good drawing.  I like the cat's eye glasses.  And the sweater.  And the hands.
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scooby apocalypse....
im reading that comic
honestly, i think daphne is picking waaay too much on velma. i understand her reasonning but she goes way too overboard.
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I love Velma alot, but she did kinda help start a monster apocalypse.
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yeah but going the extra mile just to be demeaning and an overall bully to her?

going too far
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Hmmmm... Well I kinda think it a normal reaction. I mean Daphne can't take her anger over the situation all on the ones really responsible and Velma who was apart of that group is a target for the hate.
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yeah but shes going WAY too overboard
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Nah overboard would be if she beat the sh!t out Velma and then maybe kill her. But, then I have no clue what I'd do if I was close to someone who aided(regardless of original intent) in causing a monster apocalypse, which in turn caused the deaths of who knows how many unsuspecting civilians. And Daphne feels guilty for killing some of the monsters who were once human beings.  
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beating up velma? isn't this what daphne is currently doing?
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She punched her and gave her a hard time a bit, but their starting to get along now. Others could do much worse if in the same situation.
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Great Artwork.She was always my favourite.
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Charming as hell. I love it!
One of my all time favourite character showen from her hottest angle ........ Heaven.....
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Velma seems to get hotter as time goes on. :)
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You really love drawing Velma.
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I liked a lot see Velma so sexy! Awwthanksplz 
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