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colors: Photoshop

LinesThumbelina Lines by Elias-Chatzoudis
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Awesome, I love it!
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Nice one. It was a cool movie
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Oh, if only she had her wings.
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Sweet. Lovely concept and pose
Wonderful pic and great pose :)
Gotta admit...I snagged the original up to practice coloring...but after seeing this coloring...makes me feel inadequate xD (I like grabbing black n white line art and just coloring it like a coloring book. I dont upload, I just color stuff). Though did nooooot notice the legs under the panties part I know thats supposed to be legs...and not just...nothing lol. Epic coloring, and cool that we chose the same colors for the corset. Just wish I could do it THAT good. Nice job on it ^^
The way you draw is so amazing. Good job!
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most very sweet! ^)^
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what a beauty!.. outstanding job
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Professional work :)
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Beautiful work.
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Beautiful colours on this.
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Oh, Thumbelina, I can think of a few things to do with my thumbs in this instance........
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