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The Empress s New Groove

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is this a rule 63?

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I wonder what Kuzco would think of her... Emperor's New Groove Kuzco Icon

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You know I always disliked Kuzco cause he was such a jerk.....but I would totally hang out with this version of him LOL

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Don't know about you, but i am diggin that groove!
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Such a cool concept here, love it! Wonder what Kronk would look like. XD

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I think people will have a hard time throwing off her groove. Well done.

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Now do one of Pacha!


you don't have to if you don't want to, I am just curious about your take on him being a her.

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New Groove would've been a VERY different movie if this happened.

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you should do a genderbend on all disney men

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Perhaps Kuzco found another of Yzma's transformation potions, but this one didn't turn him into a Llama, it turned him into a her!

Empress Kuzca? :D

Go princess Kuzco !!!

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Pretty! Lovely stuff ~

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To quote JelloApocalypse: "Kuzco is the best Disney princess"

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Looks like Chel conned her way into another kingdom.

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