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Please accept this story i wrote to accompany your gorgeous picture, i hope i can do it justice...

On one particularly sunny day I found myself following a rainbow. I had nothing better to do and I was a tourist in Ireland after all, so what the heck I thought. It had rained constantly last night and an almost visible mist hung in the air, giving a hazy outline to the arch of light I was following, I might even find some loose change as coincidence would most likely entail. The path I followed to the rainbow weaved about the rustic neighbourhood of my hotel and into the thick woods where it was only barely visible through the trees, they were so thick that it seemed the sky itself was made of wood with paint flicked and blotched here and there. When the dog walk ended and the road with the hike-path on the other side began I continued almost without hesitation, the small pile of loose change that once lay at the back of my head had shifted to many things on my walk, a pot of gold, a beanstalk, a sword in a stone... a working Wi-Fi source came to mind. All of these things had clouded my head and wavered their impassable promise of fortune just out of reach so as to make it impossible to turn back. I crossed the road, passed the cold metal kissing gate and walked into the remaining forest that soon led up onto the unkempt fields surrounding the main footpath. My journey took me deep into the woods whereupon my legs were scratched and clawed at by brambles that seemed grossly out of proportion, like low-hanging branches rather than mere strands or vines. The atmosphere also only deepened the longer the path behind me stretched, were once a million pricks of light pierced the overhead leaves, only the fluorescent quality of a starless night sky reached the earth, along with the ever-present rainbow whose light shone bright in extraordinary defiance of the time. I knew of the time and of the warm bed that waited for me at back at the hotel but that knowledge only reached the shallow waters of my head whilst the rest was filled with a depth of wonder and desire, a deep desire to follow and see. Perhaps this is what the first man felt when they first saw the sun; an urge to imagine and follow. The desire of man to follow brought them into space, my desire had led me now, looking up, to a dead end. The path cut off by a new thicket of brambles somehow tougher than the arm width menaces I had seen earlier. It was time to go home... but the rainbow was so close. I could almost feel its radiance emanating from the spaces between the viciously thatched shrubbery. I began to claw at the wall, seeing no other way around and into the clearing past the shear wall of oak that flanked me, I tugged at the vines though they near flayed my palms I pulled for though my pain was great it was what a horrific painting is to a blind man, it is there without a shadow of a doubt but its contents would never be realised. One by one the brambles came lose and little by little the rainbow grew brighter and the pins of light that shone through the harsh thicket grew to poles then spears and finally a great gush of it flowed out from where I had plunged my arm. The thickets now were softer, they felt recently grown and young, they parted at my motion and allowed me to pass into a tiny clearing. It was a small circular patch of earth walled off by the wall of brambles on all sides except up were the sunlight poured down and caught the dust in the air in beams concentrated by the slanting of one tree that bent down over the side. And there in the middle was the end of the rainbow, the end of the arch planted in a cast iron pot on a wooden table, near overflowing with gold coins. My elation was matched only by my disbelief and sudden clarity at the sheer absurdity of what I was seeing, but the feeling faded as I drew closer to the table were on either side a chair sat. I seated myself and pulled the chair up to the small table and reached for the pot. I picked up a coin, and it glinted in the sun. On both sides of the coin was a face, not any politician or heroic figure but my own, and on the other side the face of a woman. I had no sooner noticed this oddity than I saw another, on the opposite seat a cluster of vines had formed, they were shaped like a lady sat with a straight back and her hands on her thighs, as if beaming at a superior. A few seconds passed before the vines moved, they bulged then shook than tore away, pushed apart from the inside and what else could have been inside than the woman on the coin. She looked my way and smiled, “and what worthy soul awakes me by his call?”. She stood slowly and walked round the table to get a closer look and to reveal her form to me in turn. She wore all green and black, a small belted top hat, a bow tie around her neck, overalls and black and green striped tights. Her face was rosy and charmed, flowing out from behind it a cascade of flaming orange hair. Her chest was adorned with a fine pair who bore themselves not nipples but four-leaf clovers that sparkled as if thickly painted on with glitter paint. Her hips were plentiful and through her green buttoned overalls I could make out the outline of her pussy, sucking in part of the cloth. “Through many tribulations this soul has travelled and he will find his light at the end” the lady then reached out her hand to pull me up, it was dainty yet strong as she effortlessly hoisted me to my feet so that we stood almost nose to nose. “This fair maidens body has been chosen for you, survivor.” She took my hand and placed it on her face, it was softer than warm duvet, “If I have missed your requirements feel free now to change it.” She slowly and reluctantly pulled away to sit leaning foreword on the wooden table facing me, I turned to her as she took off her hat and ruffled her hands through it “The hair?” she called, I walked up i approached her slowly, then ran my hand through it making her lip curl behind her top teeth, “fairer than a golden mare racing in moonlight.” She pushed my hand down and straightened her hat back on her head then stood and parted the straps on her shirtless suspenders, “build?” she quivered, “To teach Venus.” She exhaled, this must have been her greatest nervousness  I would later ponder as she showed then off to me, the appeal of her breasts rather than... she had replaced the straps then shone her face directly into mine, “the face?” she asked finally, “to talk to for a million years and still want a million more things to tell it.” In her elation she jumped off the table, making her breasts wobble, and pressed herself against me in a kiss.