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Something poisonous

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Very nice. I was thinking about a quip about "that's how all of my relationships with girls have been." ;)

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Simply Marvelous Artwork!!! Mindblowing YOU'RE NOT CLOSE ENOUGH Lovely La :clap: :clap: :clap: clap remake 1a

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That's the only form of veganism I support.

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Something poisonous this way comes.

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Wowh !! 😍 No barefoot variant ??
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She looks really beautiful. :love:

Poisonous, but oh so pretty.

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Most things are. :love:

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Very good work, the coloring is great, the details are very accomplished. The girl is very beautiful and sensual

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Hello Ivy... nice to finally meet you in person. ;)

Great work of art!

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Sweet poison!

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Ein' poly kalo mori Trela poison ivy!!

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I guess you are right... Ivy is her name for sure.

But what is the language... is this how you speak to penguins? :o

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It's the language of the gods. Have you ever met Oddin, Athena, Artemis? Different than jagermeister Laugh so you better shut up.

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But how can you know it... this language must have existed way before the building of the Babel tower! :o

P.S.: My question was a serious one... I am lingophil as well... and even though google translate recognized Greek... it couldn't make any sense of the words written...

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