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Snow Queen

Snow Queen,

Colors: Photoshop
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I adore her corset and shoes! *-*
I would love to sit in such ice throne!
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Love how only half of this is colored and the rest looks unfinished
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The Completed One Must Be Awesome
err..definitely not Elsa.but that's some hot competition right there..
sabmarin's avatar the idea separate to coloring area and BW area...coooollll
ArtsyAngel31's avatar
Very beautiful indeed! Is this Elsa? Because if it is, it might as well be the best version of Elsa i have ever seen. EVER. Did you do Anna? And if not, can you please do her?
PatrykWojciechowicz's avatar
Hello Elias. To shadow you use a mechanical pencil?
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Loving the return to the original Andersen fairy tale for the Snow Queen, though Elsa from Frozen is nice as well :D
orangeglasses2's avatar
What a sexy cold lady.
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Hashae's avatar
Frostbite never looked this sexy.
This is a spectacular picture!   Amazing character.   Please post the full colored version! 
Annetjeehh's avatar
woah... very well done! :D +1
Ailill90's avatar
incredible!!! really beautiful!!! ^_^
AgentMrFox's avatar
That's pretty awesome, love the style! Huggle! 
louisjonesii's avatar
this is hot.....
Asteel's avatar
This reminds me of Queen Elvanna from the RPG Pathfinder Adventure The Witch Queen’s Revenge…
JHoagland's avatar
Very nice.
I'm guessing this the original Snow Queen from the Hans Christian Anderson story before Disney turned it into "Frozen".
XandImus's avatar
that's one chiil'n queen!
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It looks stunning. I love it! :la:
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