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A girl doing sexting in her bathroom.

Lines: Pencils
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by far my favorite do more of these! <3
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Thank good she's not doing the whole "duckface" thing. also I FRUIT!
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You stopped just a few inches too short there.
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LOL... banana.
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I like the banana logo :P
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Nowadays, a lot of people make this thing of photo. And so, it's become natural and popularized in the daily life. And looked at this in a drawing make me laugh ! It shows a trivial behavior of todays people.
cokoladofilka's avatar
Love the banana phone.
please wen u die chop your hand off and ur brain and eyes and send it to are an artist
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:omfg:....she got the new iBanana phone.....i know all the girl want a phone like that....:rofl:.....holy cow....:wow:.....XD. Cute pic my dude...a good ol plain cute girl this time...maybe a lil break from all the smexyness going on awhile....haha. I like it.....:D.
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i would want to be sexting with her
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She's hooooooot)
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Banana phone dun dah dun nun na! [link]
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Pure awesomeness.
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The eyes really do it for me in this one!
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I notice the banana. : sexual contest or joke about the Mac Intosh logo (apple)?
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I love the little things here. Like the banana alternative ;) Great work!
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