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Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch
Inks / 11"x17"

For the original send me here:

colorsScarlet Witch by Elias-Chatzoudis
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I am a huge fan of your beautiful art!
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Great work, when you scan these in from traditional, do you edit anything such as the background to clean it up or is this just how it scans in?
I ask as I am unsure how to clean the background up on work I scan in :)
Keep up the great work
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color it in a different color from the original and see which colors suit you. thats what i would do
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Nice. Judging from the outlines it could be a Catra, too :)
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This line work is amazing.
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Just outstanding drawing of the Scarlet Witch.
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Amazing! Suuuper hot
Gorgeous!  Amazing work. 
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That's very nice. Are there any plans for a color version?
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This looks gorgeous! Definitely motivation for my next Scarlet Witch Cosplay
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excellent linework and inking
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This Picture is really powerfull.
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Great composition on this one!
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How I love Wanda
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:wow: She's amazingly well done!! Just stunning!
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