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Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy / inks

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beautiful! Are you allowing people to colour this?

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Idc if she is evil. She looks beautiful and pretty to me

Excellent. Really like the lips and facial expression, along with the outfit.

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Wow! HOT--Sexy!
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The detail is wonderful! Love this!!
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I wish some day I can draw like this... Love the hair, eyes and lips... Great work!
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omg, that's amazing! can I color it?
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Beautiful and sexually powerful. Also the face is that of a perfect sexually prime young woman, which is hard to get ( when you draw as in real life :D (Big Grin)  ). Proportions of the body looks excellent! Me personally just think she need a bit more pronounced arches on her feet.
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Really gorgeous and beautiful
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Too bitchy for me, but I'd go.........
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The-World-Was-OnFire's avatar
You are a master at this!
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WoW Gorgeous work!!
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its wonderful...... 
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inks are wonderful <3
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I hope you'll get it finished some day. This art is too hot to be left in b/w, honestly. Especially her face. Damn, those pouty lips and smoldering eyes!
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Awesome as always!
greshamhaley's avatar
I love that so much!
BillyNikoll's avatar
looks like she's floating on the sand!
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