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Live Free or Die

Winter is coming...
A Winter Warrior, inspired by the State I live, the beautiful State of New Hampshire 
"live free or die"
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Live free or die.......
I’m originally from NH. Just south of Concord.
But, I leave next month to go see Athens.

I love your stuff.
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She's gonna freeze in that outfit.
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I'm from Plymouth NH nice to meet you and I love your work also :) LIVE FREE in NH OR DIE! NH#1 :)
ThePerrperr's avatar
faved for the moose
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Amazing piece!
Is she Canadian? ( I kidd I kidd ) XD
I like.                                                                        Pixel Moose lick Animation 
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Oh, I'm SO getting a moose mount for my half-orc paladin!
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Nice work.  I also live in NH.
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This is very lovely
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warhorse03826's avatar're from NH??

me too!

"live free or die, death is not the worst of evils" General Stark
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I am from Greece, but I live in NH.
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but you're in NH now, which is what counts.
Elias-Chatzoudis's avatar
yes, After MA where I lived for a year I moved in Concord NH, which is lovely, very beautiful State, specially the summer and the fall.
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Same here o/  Though I live a manchester.......meh :/
Well, as a fellow New Hampshire resident, this is great! :D
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