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Lara Croft

A classic Lara Croft, and actually the first time I made her.

Pencils  Lara Croft Pencils by Elias-Chatzoudis
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The classic and still best Lara Croft!

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there's something off with the foreshortening of the looks odd to me, however this is still a very beautiful piece.
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I see what you mean. It is either an overly elongated armpit region or T-rex-esque forearm or perhaps both. The viscosity of the entire arm isn't helping either as that too is deceptively distorting the whole vicinity. Now with all of the aforementioned combined, it leaves a minor error graduating to a major but only to the keenest observer/s (in you and me ;) ).

Overall, this doesn't afflict any sort of disastrous dent which'd cause detraction from the craftsmanship of an illustrious illustration by Elias. Just merely a distraction so most onlookers are presumably looking passed it and choosing to focus on appreciating the positives, of which there are many.

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Yup! Also! Why are her right hand shooting at the ground?
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Merely an artistic choice, maybe?

Although I do once again agree that it's a tad bizarre and not exactly 100% coherent but at the end of the day does it really have to be? As it's just a piece of fan art and not a graphic/architectural illustration that'd demand that level of accuracy :)

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Maybe she's shooting a rat?
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Ah ha, very plausible. Perhaps an arachnid; either scorpion or spider. All 3 floor crawling enemy types have featured, in the Core series & in Crystal Dynamics more faithful first trilogy, at some point.

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Sure! the only problem is it makes the viewer question to many things, it might be the intention but the execution feels wrong. but then it's still a beautiful piece.
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Indeed, my friend. Indeed.

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Now just need a lil "CatSuit" variant next....:eyes:....but quite your first time & first love of your Lara Croft theme :D :iconinloveplz: If i comment before...i guess
i add another one on top. XDDDDD :iconwinner-plz:
nice proportions, realy capture a moment in time - congrats
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The left side of her waist looks like it's caving in.
i love your art style. wonderful work! :)
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WOW! That would look awesome on a shirt! :D
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Lovely artwork.

Clap Clap Clap 
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A very nice traditional Lara. Great render.
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:iconimdeadplz: Hahaha....oh yasssss! i think i should unleash the *epic face palm emoji here* :iconepicfacepalm-plz: or :iconrainbowpukeguyplz: :D Talk about
a first time, theme, which i was hoping for or maybe some lucky guy/girl would commission this from you. And even "I" myself was one to think of that or something, but
way coolies that you came around to do it. I think i seen it on Pintrest or something like that from a TR fan profile, and i couldn't believe my eyes to see your name was mentioned
on it. I soooooo had to find out and see if it was on your profile here....and yep, it was....bless your heart :D :iconedgeybowplz: & :worship: the wonderful Arts of Elias as i B(ELI)eved
that it would happen :iconexcitedlaplz: way to go dude! You got my vote....and that most def coming from meh....i love it ;)

:iconbrohugplz: (Only thing that got me was the bloo eyes....instead of being brown....but other than that....EPIC!)
LaraWearsCatsuits's avatar
Ooooooooooooooh! Broooooooooooo! You sly dog of a artist you are.......:iconlolz-plz:, lawdddd....i could just slap myself to make sure you did that of what i said about the :eyes: @ Eyes. From blue :iconloveblueplz: to :iconlovebrownplz: brown....i knew something was up with this picture again, :iconpassoutplz:. just won me over like 1,000,000 times over....and i see you changed it. Thats what imma talking about....he might be bizzy doing so much stuff, but at least you heard me out and did that for lil ol meh. :evillaugh:

Man i love you sooooo much for this one....:giggle: but still i see somewhere a placement for a commission still :D 1. Classic Top & Shorts 2. CatSuit :3 
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