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Gretel Lines

Sexy Gretel
Fairy Tales

Colors Gretel by Elias-Chatzoudis

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I have to say that I love your work, I actually printed to color it for art therapy (hope it's okay tho) Thanks for sharing with us!

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absolutely love your line art... :)
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add some makeup, some red and black on the clothes........and we have a harley quinn fanart...
btw i love this one and the clored version.......
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How do you do lineart?
tanarisdelatormenta's avatar
 sorry , it's so cool but , she looks like a porn star XD 
vempirick's avatar
That´s nothing wrong in my book, a really cool book btw.
RinkoChanStudios's avatar
really nice shes so hot
Elggum's avatar
So hot... Sweet, sweet candy é_è'
XandImus's avatar
OMG!!! sweet! N_N
LiLPooL's avatar
What would Sigmund Freud would say about this picture? And my mom??? Because I love it!!!
Pawelta2's avatar
amazing sketch +++
Darklarik's avatar
Can you do a line tutorial video by any chance?
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You're amazing! How did you get so good at creating interesting poses and faces?! Awesome.
No lollipop is safe from her! :)

Great pic
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best kind of tales haha
DSR419SD's avatar
I got to say I'm stun at your beauty e! You got a very erotic style I enjoy looking at sexy too, Good job girl! keep it up your art is bagging e!
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