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From Hansel and Gretel Fairy Tale

colors: photoshop


LinesGretel Lines by Elias-Chatzoudis
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Awesomeness always.
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Jojojo se derrite el muñeco... de genjibre
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Hoe-Lee Shee-it That's Hawt!
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Cute idea...a lollipop between the breast's.
Course I think you take a person's mind
to another place lol..
I'd like to eat her :3
squarenuts's avatar
awsome, very hot, very sexy.
orangeglasses2's avatar
Who would want to and cook that sexy lady?
AllanNocte's avatar
G... Gorgeous ! *-*'
Reagen-B's avatar
Super hot! Awesome! 
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The gingerbread men seem to enjoy the view--they're smiling!
godshall83's avatar
I think the Gingerbread man in the background is having trouble watching this
Alexert's avatar
Talk about a sweet Girl!!!
Atalatuma's avatar
Fantastic! The face on the gingerbread men is what sold this for me. Bravo!
MEXICAN4111's avatar
Hmmmn....quite a good way. ;d
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She looks great, and very sexy, but, if she eats too much around this house, her shape may change more than a little.
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i love your drawings, just great! u inspired me for Maleficent, i'm going to do a sexy version of her , here is just a first manip…

hope u ll like it! keep on with the great job
Awsomecreepypasta's avatar
using her boobs as a lollipop holder.... BRILLIANT IDEA!!
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