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Grimm Fairy Tales of Terror #12
Zenescope Entertainment 
Emerald City Comic con 2018
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Ooooh. I'll get you, my pretty!

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And your little "pussy", too!

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Way to ruin my fave line. Ugh....

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dorthy is sweet here

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Mmmm...  Littlle Dorothy has grown up...   love her new red shoes!  
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Lovely detail being able to see both thighs with the crease hinting at the pussy - excellent work!
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This is the Dorothy that we wanna see on the movies!  :love: 
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Fantastic, Glorious, and Marvelous Artwork!!! :D (Big Grin) =P (Razz) :o (Eek) ;) (Wink) Love Heart Clap Giggle OMG Shocked Blush Horny! Drool Flirtatiousomfg Happy cry (Tears of joy) Worship Woohooooo! Headbang! Singing Innocent #1 :squee: Judge Winner I salute you! YOU'RE NOT CLOSE ENOUGH For Honor and Glory Mindblowing Sexy and I know it :flyingmonkeynoid: Dorothy: not in Kansas anymore I love play with fire Lotus +favlove deviantART DeviantArt I love deviantART! deviantART
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What is this the little mermaid?
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What's with the background dildos?
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Emerald City of OZ. That's how it looked like in the original movie. A bunch of green towers stuck together. Not dildos.Sweating a little... 
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We certainly ain't in Kansas anymore!Love Very sexy work of Dorthy!Heart 
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I've never seen Dorothy in such a manner before D: aha
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You must be new to the internet
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That's a remarkably phallic Emerald City!
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Not really. If you google it Emerald City always looked like a bunch of tall towers glued together. I don't think it was a male patriarchy thing symbolizing potency.
I haven't seen the movie in a long time, so I don't remember if the wizard was all creepy or hands on with Dorothy. Either way it's just a building. Sweating a little... 
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Well, the ones in the movie look more like giant green crystals, like emeralds, while yours are decidedly more . . . rounded. ;)

It's not a criticism - it actually fits the piece really well . . . so to speak.
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She is painfully beautiful :3
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