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Dorothy of Oz.

Colors: Photoshop
See the lines here: Dorothy of Oz by Elias-Chatzoudis
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Oh dear!! Do I dare to imagine what'll happen when she makes it to "Emerald" City?;P

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I wish I was on that yellow brick road!
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One of the castle towers look like a dildo. XD
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Definitely one of my top favorites!!!
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The travel brochure only mentioned lions, tigers and bears. (opens yelp app)
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i love your work keep it up. :)
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The not so subtle dildos in the background are a nice touch
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Oh my God, I wanna go to Oz land!!!!
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That is one gorgeous, sexy Dorothy!  Beautiful work!
I see you've done a series of 'fairy tales': Perhaps you could create images from other stories, like a take on Jeckyl and Hyde.  A plain, bookish female Dr. Jeckyl drinks an elixir that transforms her into a curvy, sexy vixen who then turns her attention to the young, innocent, beautiful lab assistant...
You could do magic with a sequence like that - I hope you consider it.
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Now THIS the type of Dorothy I image of her :-D
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Very sexy! Dorothy's just gorgeous, great body, and those legs! Great pose. Oh, and the sunflower leaf makes it look like the scarecrow has something going on...
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wonderful imagination!
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Wonderful imagery :D
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Is it me or are the buildings shaped like dildos? xD
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So I'm not the only one who noticed that
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Nope haha xD
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Amazing. love the shapes of the building in the background lol.
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The shoes are RED not silver! And they look mighty fine on Dorothy
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