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Cinderella with her little friends
colors: Photoshop

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She is hot as is, she done need to get dressed up.
Is someone about to put the crystal shoe on her foot?
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Beautiful artwork deserves a watermark. You do not like it, go draw it yourself without copying. Then I'm sure we can come to an agreement. There are thieves out there, people steal things like this, go find someone else to torment about taking watermarks down.
Shame you fucked a cracking pice of artwork with a stupid watermarks 
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You catch everything so perfect, I like her curves and lines on legs, what ever they called. (by curves I mean B... legs also.
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She looks amazing!
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It is so easy to see why Cinderella's wicked stepmother kept her on a short leash.  Whoa, that sounds delicious.  You're making me rethink all those childhood fairy tales.  Hey, thanks, I mean it, thanks!
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wooo them legs
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I like this one because she seem to be offering herself to me. I also like the focus of the foot of the Cinderella story. Excellent work.Wink/Razz 
Makes you almost wish you were a mouse.. :P
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your work is completely jaw dropping !!!!!!!! :D
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if the prince saw this, he wouldn't even try the shoe :D
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Lovely, even when not in her magnificent dress!
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Oh !!! Cinderella is rarely drawn with this outfit !! I love it !!! Thanks for this !!!! :la:
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no wonder the step sisters are jealous...very nice work
Beautiful. Beautiful and sexy.
Think you could draw one of these of Andrea (The Walking Dead)?
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