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I'm a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world...
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She looks sexy 😍😘

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My Kind Of Barbie doll
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Think I'll take ten steps back just to admire the view, thank you!
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I would touch, I would plaaay :lol:
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I love love love it!!!!!!!
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Great job man! She looks fantastic!
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What the fuck?!
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Pretty! And it's all in pink! i love pink!
Barbie never looked better :)
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c'mon Barbie let's go party !
This is what society wants us to be like, something so perfect it isn't human anymore.
Our society wants us to be perfect, instead of accepting us as HUMANS.
This is not a human, this is plastic and silicon, it's an unrealistic idea of what females should look like to be accepted by society..
This.. Is fucked up
I know it's just a drawing but the message it sends out to me is not: "Oh, this is sexy" or "OMG, if only I could be like that".. 
It's just a dark reminder that our society's standarts are not based on the value of your character but rather on how sexy you are..
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Not really that's self ignorance. :-\ 😹
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Have you been outside? Ever? I can't even remember how many guys have been in love with women that aren't that good looking. I'm one of them!
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sadly, you're right.
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jeez it's just a drawing
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People just don't get it! Now only that, they don't see there is also the tongue-in-cheek part.
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I love this and think plastic surgery is great!
I love the extreme beauty that can be obtained and have a few small facial feminization surgeries I would love to have done!
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