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Tutorial: SAI lines: Pen tool.

Done due to requests =)

Nothing special, just the easy way to do lines in Paint tool SAI with the pen tool :)

If you have any questions feel free to comment and I'll do my best to answer them =)

Also if your trial's expired in sai, go to another of my tutorials here [link] to get around the no-save issue :)

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This is really helpful, thanks for making this! :D I'm already falling in love with the line tool, it's easier and faster then the path tool on Photoshop! :D
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I have a question for you. I did the inking but did not finish it, so I decided to "save as". Later I came back to work on it but the line work layer had merged with the sketch layer. How do I prevent that from happening? I was so upset that the layers had merged. 

Thank you for this tutorial, it was very helpful.
Felina180's avatar
make sure to save it as .sai or .psd  Document, because only these are going to save the layers :)
LencerBlue's avatar
Thank you very much for the Reply! I am so sorry for not responding back, the reason why was because I wanted to look back at your answer and save it as .sai or .psd

But I have a new problem. Does it matter what format (sai or psd) i have it on? I always always saved in .sai format so I am insecure with .psd
I moved files around and changed them into folders to organize them but now it won't even save them! I don't know why! It will save them in psd but not in sai format! Could you please help?
RadRiight's avatar
I downloaded it and I don't have the pen tool :(
IntoxicaVampire's avatar
Thanky you so much!! I just downloaded SAI and i didn't know how to start!! You saved my life! Such a lovely face MEME 
ENEMYxx's avatar
this has officially helped me out soooo much!!! thank you
MusiikNote's avatar
This may seem like a stupid question, but when I hold Ctrl, I dont get the green squares. It just moves the picture. Am I doing something wrong?
BlackLightningsArt's avatar
How long do u need for the lines when u make them like that? O.O Sure it looks just really awesome, but i think this need much time, i would die 8D
Elianan's avatar
When you draw the lines the control points are already made for you, no matter how short or long, the lines for that picture took me about 20 minutes? :)
BlackLightningsArt's avatar
pfff awesome O.o
xD always when i use the line tool it looks so...nyaaa idk how i can explain it, not so good like urs D8 it looks so, fake-ish and posed :/ 
accroon's avatar
Thanks man, this helps me a lot!
KaiBrooke's avatar
Thank you for making this! I had trouble getting my lines smooth on Sai, and now thanks to you that problem is fixed :)!
Elianan's avatar
You're most welcome! ^^<3
MrPielovesme's avatar
im literally jumping for joy. thanks for teaching me this!!!!!!
BootyWolf's avatar
Thank you thank you thank you thank you! :worship:
powerpackedfist's avatar
i face a problem i bought sai from the official site yet i lack a normal pen tool the pen tool only appears in the pen layer but that pen tool sucks i have a tool called legacy pen and another called binary pen but neither are like the regular pen tool any guess why?
kittenangel116's avatar
OHGOD. I gave up on doing 'pure' anime-style art because getting the lineart smooth was a nitemare; (/i've been going lineless for quite some time now) but this fixes everything!!!
I LOVE YOU. :iconbrohugplz: Thank you so much ;___;
Elianan's avatar
As if you need help your art is amazing! Haha :) Thankyou so much for the comment! :') <3
kittenangel116's avatar
Ohno I'm horrible with programs xD so many unused tools I need to learn!
This lovely tutorial made my most recent chibi possible ^__^
Thank you >w< <3
And you're welcome :hugs:
Felinity's avatar
Man I wish I had found this when I started using SAI. I would have gobbled it up then.
Great tutorial!
Winkiiie's avatar
Umm do you by any chance know how to get the pen tool?? ^^; kinda a dumb question haha but when i downloaded mine it never came with one soooo any advice? Do you think it downloaded but i just havent "put it on there??" Any advice? Thanks =D
Elianan's avatar
Haha when you create a new layer next to that button is another button with a pen nib on it, just press that and that's how you get the pen tool :)
Winkiiie's avatar
Wow. I feel like a noob. *facepalm* Thanks a bunch! =D
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