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Melisandre of Asshai

Melisandre of Asshai
All of you know the sexy and hot (cause de fire) Melisandre, a red and dark witch!
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All your GOT characters have the same face!
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sorry caps
hmm. she's gorgeous, but i'm not convinced. she's not exotic enough, maybe? again, the lady from the show does an excellent job so maybe i'm just biased :L
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I love her more and more :D
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I LOVE it! i think i would like it even more if the symbol in the back was an anatomical heart, but still - i shouldnt mess with your perfection.
even just her name - Melisandre - so fitting. what a burning beauty
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She's so beautiful... I wish she looked like this in the show. 
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I hate her character so bad... even more than Joffrey. But this is stunning!
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Great character, great artist)
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She's a bad girl, but sexy!
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I really hate Stannis, that stupid little bitch, but i really LOVE her. And she's just amazing, i just can't see this picture without wanting to say "bitch, your the most fabulous woman of the entire world" to her.
Congratulations, i loved it.
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Exactly as I imagined her!!! *O* Great work!
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You made her look even better than the way I had imagined her! Wow..... Just wow...
For the night is dark and full of terrors! Long live to king Stannis ! \o/
So gorgeous! This is definitely how I picture her instead of the actress that will be playing her on the show.
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Uooouu!! Loooveeeee your final art!!

You really should do the male version of the series :D, I would love to see it!!
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this is how i picture melisandre... good work!
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She is a real beauty :)
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Don't like her very much, but your draw is fantastic!!!!
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you don't like my Melisandre :_(
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I don't like her at all, but your pic is the most beautiful that I ever saw, really. I just don't trust her,Melisandre's kind of weird....

( Sorry for my english, I'm from Brazil C:)
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