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Brienne of Tarth

to the end....BRIENNE!
I know that she's not perfect...but is soooooooo difficult to illustrate, she has so personality!

I wish you like it....
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I really love this. So many people have captured "fierce" Brienne but you've captured a Brienne that was mocked and made fun of her entire life. You can really see it in this picture. You've done an excellent job.
Holmes-JA's avatar
This is literally perfect. So true to the book.
WhitePedal25's avatar
I think Brienne is a handsome woman.
luiza-rizzieri's avatar
Ohh brienne, she is one of my fav characters! #GIRLPOWER
strayfies's avatar
I thought House Tarth had quartered devices on their coat?  Can't recall, no big deal - love your paintings.  I admit to having a bias for any art that seems to derive from the original works, instead of broadcast series, etc. :)
coolerthanuokay's avatar
absolutley love these! amazing, truly talented
i like it, and it has that defensive yet sad brienne-ness, but you didnt do her eyes justice :(
hellou4's avatar
Awesome, she's a beautiful girl to me <3
Wow, this is what I sort of imagined Brienne to look like. Great Job!
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You did a fantastic job of Brienne. I imagine she must have been impossible to cast on the show, given how specific her descriptions are. But you nailed her... her eyes are beautiful. 
Cervallon's avatar
The only woman of Westeros?
DiMenen's avatar
Meus lindos sentimentos!
capitanokat's avatar
YES! This is a way better interpretation of her than the actress who is playing her on HBO. Love it.
black-wolf-devil's avatar
The actress is too pretty...
TheNewDorothyGale's avatar
the actress is pretty IRL but is perfect on the show.
black-wolf-devil's avatar
I love her performance, that goes without saying, but even on the show, I can still tell she's pretty while Brienne was supposed to be ugly ugly.
kahanar's avatar
You are an AMAZING artist, and although i like the look on her eyes a lot, i still think she's not ugly enough ;p
elia-illustration's avatar
ahaha, yeah, i know.
I don't know is difficult for me draw ugly people, but i try it!!
MorwenElinor's avatar
She looks so ugly... poor Brienne.
And she has that kind of I-know-how-people-see-me look in her eyes.
Great work.
elia-illustration's avatar
thank you! The eyes are so important
GasparNolasco's avatar
One of my favorite characters, I really like your rendition of her.
mariasindellagrayson's avatar
Sorry, I really can't stand this character so far.
mariasindellagrayson's avatar
*On the fourth book, I like her now.
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