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My Idea For A Kirin Friendship Student by Eli-J-Brony My Idea For A Kirin Friendship Student :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 18 12
Video Squadron: Gamerman Chapter 36
Title: The Bad Rapper
It was a peaceful fall day in Brooklyn. The people were going about their normal lives. Nothing dangerous was out to get them. The Gamermen were out in the park as the leaves on the trees began to fall.
William: It's quite a lovely day at the park, isn't it?
Kasumi: Yeah. Nothing bad is happening at all.
Felicia: We still should be prepared for anything that might happen.
Randy: Yeah. I have the feeling that Gigalord may be very close to getting his powerful mistress back from imprisonment.
Ash: What should we do to stop them?
Randy: I'm not sure. We just need to find a good opportunity to see if we can stop his plans.
Kasumi: In the meantime, we should just enjoy this day at the park while we still can. You can't buy peace from a store.
Felicia: Very true. Oh look, the kids are flying their kites.
They saw a group of kids flying their kites. They were also watching the leaves come down as well.
Raccoon Boy: Aren't the leaves falling great to see as we fly our kit
:iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 4 9
Hipster Rapper by Eli-J-Brony Hipster Rapper :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 3 10 Geon the Hedgehog With Headphones by Eli-J-Brony Geon the Hedgehog With Headphones :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 6 5
My Little Pony: Portals Are Magic Season 5 Ep9
Title: Metal Head High
One day, at Sonic's chili dog restaurant, Renae was telling Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts about the School of Friendship in Equestria.
Renae: The School of Friendship is where creatures, not just ponies, can learn about friendship. There's a group called the Young Six, who each are comprised of six different creatures. There's Sandbar, a pony; and there is Silverstream, the hippogriff, who has the power to change into a sea pony, because her kind was trying to hide from the Storm King when he was invading the world.
Scratch: Sounds like someone else we know.
Renae: Then there is Gallus, the griffon. Ocellus, the changeling, a kind of creature that can change into anything, hence the name.
Grounder: We knew a robot who could do that.
Coconut: I don't recall Dr. Eggman ever making a shape shifting robot.
Scratch: That's because he wasn't a robot made by Dr. Eggman.
Renae: And there's Yona, a yak. And finally, there is Smolder. She's a dragon just like me. Well no
:iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 2 7
Down In The Sewer by Eli-J-Brony Down In The Sewer :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 3 1 Exploring the Astral Observatory by Eli-J-Brony Exploring the Astral Observatory :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 8 0 Termina Field With Added Gmod Models by Eli-J-Brony Termina Field With Added Gmod Models :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 5 0 Streamline the Wind Dragon by Eli-J-Brony Streamline the Wind Dragon :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 5 15 Twilight Tickles Marcus by Eli-J-Brony Twilight Tickles Marcus :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 19 5
TUFF Agents Season 6 Episode 8
Title: Why Don't The Mirrors Work?
One morning, the Katswell Puppy family was having breakfast together as they were deciding on what they should be doing that day.
Dudley: Does anybody think we should take a trip to Equestria today?
Andy: I like that idea. I'd like to see what the students of friendship are up to.
Kitty: I guess that's two votes. And I'm sure Delilah and Karl would like to go as well. Wouldn't you, two?
Delilah and Karl just smiled.
Andy: Alright then. Equestria it is.
Andy got up out of his chair and walked to the mirror with Dudley and Kitty following him. However, when Andy got to the mirror, he just hit his face.
Andy: OOF! Huh? (Puts his hand on the mirror to find it's not going through) What's happening? The mirror portal isn't working.
Dudley: (Puts his hand on the mirror, too) You're right, Andy. I wonder what could be the matter?
Kitty: It doesn't make sense. We should be able to travel through the mirror portal to Equestria.
Dudley: Maybe our mirror is broke
:iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 5 9
Video Squadron: Gamerman Chapter 35
Title: Don't Be Full Of Yourself
One day at the arcade, William is going over the battles of the last few TF2 monsters, carefully studying them and taking notes.
William: Hitten Run Scout was quite hard. Rocket Jump Soldier was a bit harder. Then there was the Pyro. He, or she, or whatever, was hard, too. Then there was Alan S, DFighter. And that was the monster in this series that started the giant robots. Who could forget that? And there was Meat Shield. And of course also Mick Anic. That means next is the Medic. This will be tricky.
Then, Jeremy came in.
Jeremy: Hey, William.
William: Hey, Jeremy.
Jeremy: I've been working on your robot in this series. This one is mostly in a form resembling a jukebox with cartoonish eyes, legs, and feet.
William: Sounds great. :D (Big Grin) I can't wait to see it when it is finished. Uh, assuming you have an ideal gender for it that is.
William remembered what happened with Gamer Cyclist did not liking to be called "it"
:iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 3 19
Herr Shmirtz's Robot by Eli-J-Brony Herr Shmirtz's Robot :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 4 6 Herr Shmirtz by Eli-J-Brony Herr Shmirtz :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 2 13 Cream As A Cheer Bunny by Eli-J-Brony Cream As A Cheer Bunny :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 27 19 Ruto Asks If Link Can Be Her Partner by Eli-J-Brony Ruto Asks If Link Can Be Her Partner :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 13 12

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Eli J. Brown
United States
I'm a guy who likes Thomas the Tank Engine, Sonic the Hedgehog, TUFF Puppy, Bionicle, Hero Factory, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and video games.


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If you want to be on the list. Please ask me.

My other account-:iconthe-browninator:

Current Residence: Mobius City (Semi), Petropolis (Semi), Ponyville (Semi)

Pony Code: 3D2V000000935728FED9C90000000FE48UN1837000000000D0E21919FF7FFF0F107F3FCC004CB2
I haven't encountered this problem myself, but lots of people are talking about how their Deviations are being marked as mature content when they aren't suppose to be. Is this happening to existing Deviations or very recent ones? I haven't seen this happen to any existing Deviations, at least not in my gallery. But I think I may want to wait until this glitch passes before posting anything.

To any users who are affected by this, have you tried just removing the mature tag?


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Hey Eli I just made a new video game squadron monster who is Crowgica  Untitled crowiga by Ilovefallingcows25  who was scrapped from a game called Adventures of the Wonderboy Knight
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Jungle Heart And Wildlife's Wedding by OptimusV42  

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