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I haven't encountered this problem myself, but lots of people are talking about how their Deviations are being marked as mature content when they aren't suppose to be. Is this happening to existing Deviations or very recent ones? I haven't seen this happen to any existing Deviations, at least not in my gallery. But I think I may want to wait until this glitch passes before posting anything.

To any users who are affected by this, have you tried just removing the mature tag?
These are just ten personal things I hope to see in Season 9 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

1. An episode where a Kirin becomes a student at the School of Friendship. I also think this Kirin should be a boy and become a member of the Young Six. Making him the Starlight Glimmer of the Young Six.
2. An episode showing Chrysalis' final fate.
3. A body swap episode (Seriously, we're eight seasons in and they haven't done that?).
4. A new Babs Seed episode.
5. An episode where we meet Smolder's brother (Or find out if an existing character is her brother).
6. A Nightmare Night episode with the Young Six.
7. An episode featuring any movie character.
8. An episode where the Young Six go to the Crystal Empire.
9. An episode explaining more about where Spike came from.
10. An episode showing any previously EqG-Exclusive character in MLP form.

My predictions on the possibilities on each episode happening.

1. Possible. I'm quite certain it could happen, but for it being a boy, I'm not sure. Although I hope for there to be a boy Kirin considering the Young Six already has four girls over two boys. I know that there would still be more girls, than boys, but I think another boy in the group would be great.
2. Considering she's still planning her revenge, it's quite possible.
3. May or may not be likely. I've seen many fan products showing this happen, but I'm not certain if it will actually be done in an episode.
4. Could happen, could not happen. Who knows?
5. Possible, but not likely.
6. Very possible.
7. Doubt it.
8. Possible.
9. Not likely.
10. Not likely.

So what do you think?
Considering that Wreck-It Ralph 2 is coming out in a couple months, I was wondering about doing a parody of the pancake scene using Gamerman and MLP characters. I'm thinking that the Gamerman Characters could be Ralph and Vanelope and the MLP characters could be the rabbit and the cat. I'm wondering if I should have Vix and Headbot or Randy and Kasumi play Ralph and Vanelope's roles, as well as wondering if I should have Pinkie and Spike or Sandbar and Smolder play the roles of the rabbit and cat. What do you think?
Hey guys, I know that Roadranger hasn't started yet, but I do already have an idea for the crossover special for this season. Now it's not going to be called "Roadranger Vs. Gamermen", as it won't just be the Gamermen that will be teaming up with the Roadrangers, but also the Medievalgers, Skyrangers, Foresgers, and even the TUFFRangers. The TUFFRangers are planned on being the only unofficial team to appear, although only the core nine TUFFRangers will appear, although I do also plan on having Purpose and the HUFF Fighter appear as well. I don't plan on including TUFFAgentShepherd's Justice Squadron: Comicgers in this special, but if he wishes on making his own crossover special with the Roadrangers and the Comicgers, he's welcome to. He did it for Medievalger, and he's going to do it for Gamerman.

I'm not going to reveal what the story of this crossover special will have, but I will say that the Roadranger villains and the Gamerman villains who will survive the final battle will be teaming up along with a couple surprise villains that I won't be revealing right now, but you will be surprised by who they are. ;) I started a draft of the special, but I so far only did the introduction scene and two villain scenes.

Now the entire official Super Animal Squadron teams will be making an appearance, even the Returns rangers. Although the Returns ranger(s) for Gamerman won't appear since Gamerman Returns won't be for another year. But I am planning on having only some of the past rangers interact with the Roadrangers. If you have any ideas on how the past Super Animal Squadron teams are going to interact with the Roadrangers and what they could talk about, feel free to leave some suggestions. ;)
Hey guys. I'm sure that there are some people who wanted to see the lost images. Well, I managed to upload all the images I could find on my hard drive and uploaded them here.

I'm sorry I couldn't get all the imagines, but if I knew Majhost was going to go down, I would have saved all of the images.
I'm currently working on writing the bios for the users and characters in Kuno the Tank Engine. I'm going to have them in stash, so if you'd like to know more about these users, you can send me a message and I'll send you the link. Right now, I've just gotten up to Part 6. I'm listing the users based on Generation 2, by the way. If you want to know about a specific user, but don't know what episode of Generation 2 he or she is in, I can send you the list with that specific user.
Well, not really say update, but do you remember when we didn't get those wide screens were there are two black bars on the sides of the videos. I think YouTube has brought back the none-widescreen videos. I never thought they'd bring that back, but they did. :D
If you don't have any interest in PBS, that's OK. You don't have to read this. I don't have much interest in it anymore either, but I just thought I'd post this journal anyway.

Hey guys, I'm sure some of you may know if you've looked through my scrapbook gallery that I used to watch shows on PBS Kids all the time before the internet came across. At that time, I didn't get many channels on TV and I didn't know about some shows outside of PBS while others such as TUFF Puppy and My Little Pony didn't exist yet. I pretty much lost interest in these shows after I moved in 2008, where I was able to get a much better internet connection and with so much more activity on the internet, I was more inclined with it than the shows on PBS. The interests in the PBS shows was something that started to slowly fade away over time. Although I don't watch any shows that were on PBS other than Thomas the Tank Engine and Sesame Street, some references to these PBS shows are made in my Sonic the Hedgehog, TUFF Puppy, My Little Pony, and Super Animal Squadron fanfics. I even went as far as reusing ideas I had for the old shows into my fanfiction and I'll go over a couple of them.

The Sonic fanfic, SDA: S6 F7: The Outage, was based on an episode of Clifford the Big Red Dog.

The Sonic fanfic, SDA: S6 F11: May's Submarine; and the My Little Pony fanfic, MLP: PAM S3E7: One-Eyed Dash; were based on an episode of Seven Little Monsters. (As somebody already pointed out)

The Sonic fanfic, The Cave Explorers, was based on an episode of Bernstein Bears.

and the My Little Pony fanfic, My Little Pony: Portal Are Magic S4: Episode 3;  is based on an episode of Curious George.

1. Now to talk about some references to some of these series. After the events of Eli-Renae, Eli gives Renae a two headed dragon doll. This doll is based upon Zak and Wheezy from Dragon Tales. This also references how in real life, I got this doll as a child.

2. In Video Squadron: Gamerman, some of the villains and allies of the Gamermen appear to take influence off of characters from the show Cyberchase. Queen Vira takes influence off of Hacker, being the main antagonist. Hacker is also partly portrayed by Gigalord, serving as the boss of the villains while Darktail and Ninjakuma take the part of Buzz and Delete, the henchmen of the series. King Cyberus is reminiscent of Motherboard, being the ruler of Cyberspace, In fact Vira and Cyberus are suppose to be what it would look like if Motherboard and Hacker swapped roles. Vix's betrayal of Gigalord and Vira is reminiscent to how Digit originally worked for Hacker, but then became an ally to the main protagonists rather than serving as a villain. Although Vix's role as the mentor is more based on Motherboard. Jack's role could be reminiscent to Dr. Marbles, the technician of the series.

3. As I've mentioned in other posts, Headbot, originally known as Mr. Heads, was a character I created for Dragon Tales. His story would be that he would travel from the human world to the dragon world and save seven dragons from that land before an asteroid hit and turned all the other dragons into fish and the dragons went into the human world to live with their human friends. This however was an idea I had sometime before the third season came around so Enrique wasn't introduced yet at that time and he basically replaced Mr. Heads as a character. I know the whole story of the dragon's families getting turned to fish may be a bit dark. But it was an idea I had when I was a kid. The story concept of the dragons going to live with their human friends was revived in my Sonic the Hedgehog series as the story of Eli the Hedgehog and Renae the baby dragon, except this time in happened because of Renae's parents getting killed by Lord Darkness. I suppose that was a little darker than the last story, but at least this time it happens with two dragons and not a whole land full of them. And Mr. Heads in turn turned into Headbot for Video Squadron: Gamerman. But that's not all. A couple of times in Gamerman, Randy and Headbot would talk about a show about dragons that they used to watch when Randy was a kid. Well, you may have guessed it already, but the show they were talking about was in fact Dragon Tales, or at least a version of it. Headbot also references in the introduction of the other core Gamermen's mecha debut how he found it funny for Felicia, who is a horse, to be piloting a dragon based mech when he remembers the dragon show and how in the present, he can't help but to hear some of the same voices in a new show about ponies. Well, this references how some of the voice actors from Dragon Tales are also voice actors in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

4. Gamerman has other PBS references in it as well. Four monsters, two of which have not yet appeared in the series, are references to a PBS Share A Story Talent Show that aired in March of 2004 that I remember seeing. Each of these four monsters I'm going to mention are references to the stage shows that this special had. Nightmoon is a reference to the Dragon Tales stage show where there is singing and a kid jumping on his bed and then ending up on the moon; Picture Hound is referencing the Clifford stage show about pictures, Pizza Martian references the Arthur stage show about acting where Arthur and Buster play aliens who come into a family's house one night as they're having pizza, and Hipster Rapper is referencing the Cyberchase stage show about rhyming.

5. The monster, Para-Flea was based on a dream I had about a flea that was accidentally swallowed. Well, now it's time I told you who that flea was. The flea in the dream was named Pepe, who only appeared in one episode of Arthur, and the girl, who's role is given to Kasumi in that chapter of Gamerman, was Inez from Cyberchase. What's funny is that the last season had a ranger called Princess Iness. Although no connections to the former mentioned character as this is just a coincidence. I decided to develop this dream story a bit further with having the flea be a monster of the week.

6. And lastly, the Gamerman chapter where the Gamermen go to find Delta Gamer Robo is based on a scrapped movie idea I had after seeing the talent show special where the characters from those shows would go on an adventure. I imagined this adventure while listening to songs from the Beatles and the Stones during a fall trip my family had that year. After much thinking, I had decided that as a way to revive that story idea into a modern fanfic, I'd have it be a chapter of Gamerman. Now the monster, Brick Fist, was based upon this characters called Rocking Wall People, which came from a mishear I had when listening to the Beatles Song, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, where I somehow heard the line, "Rocking Horse People" as "Rocking Wall People". Don't as me how, but I did.

Anyway, I figured this would be an interesting way to help people who didn't catch these references when reading over these fanfics before catch them now. But I do know that some people had never even seen these shows, or at least not all of them. Anyway, I may still do more fanfics based on episodes of the shows I had mentioned. If you'd like to make any suggestions, feel free to.

Here it is at last. Voice for the Receptionist was done by Taylorthedog1.

Hey guys, I just thought I'd send out this message letting people who read my Video Squadron: Gamerman series that this week's chapter of the series may possibly be delayed. Hopefully this doesn't turn out to be the case, but I just thought I'd send this message out to people just in case they don't see a new Gamerman chapter come up on Saturday. If such a delay happens, I apologize and I will try to get that chapter up as soon as possible if not at the usual time.

Again, sorry for any inconvenience.

Update: There's a chance I might still be able to get it up on time. But I am not certain. I will try to get it up tomorrow like I intend, so there's a chance it'll be on time. But again, if there is a delay, I apologize for that.
I don't know if it's an everybody problem or if it's just me, but the number of messages in my inbox has not gone up when I think it should have gone up. Is anyone else having this problem?
Somebody had sent me this link, so I was pretty much right that Kyuranger was planned to be adapted into the 2019 Power Rangers series. Hasbro really should have stuck with this idea. If Kyuranger was ever planned to be adapted, they shouldn't have changed them!…

I'm also a bit concerned about the possibility that Kyuranger may never get an adaptation. One reason for this is somebody on YouTube, not going to say who, had said something about Kyuranger being trademarked by Bandai Of America. Now I don't know if this is based on actual fact or if it's just a speculation, but this guy said something about Kyuranger either not being given the rights to Hasbro to adapt or it would be too expensive. I just hope neither of these are true enough to keep a Kyuranger adaptation from coming into existence, hopefully it's just speculation and not actual fact. While the Bandai Of America part may be true, what I hope is not true is that Hasbro being unable to adapt Kyuranger. Now I don't know if Hasbro is considering to adapt Kyuranger as the immediate successor to Power Rangers: Beast Morphers, but we need to get the word out to them that it is what we want as the immediate Beast Morphers successor. As I said before on this topic, if they have any plans on adapting ToQger or ZyuOhger, I want them to adapt Kyuranger first as it deserves to be adapted more than any other yet-to-be-adapted Sentai series and that if they want to do ToQger and/or ZyuOhger, they should get Kyuranger out first. Once they do, I won't care what order they adapt Sentai's in again.

At some point, I do plan on writing Hasbro a letter telling them about my concerns and I'd encourage you to do the same, too. Now somebody had mentioned maybe starting a petition to get Hasbro to adapt Kyuranger as Beast Morpher's immediate successor, but I'm not going to at this time. The main reason being is that I feel like petitions had always let me down in the past and that they're just a waste of time and I feel that unless they adapt Kyuranger anyway, this petition may be no different and I think it's better to just write to them rather than petitioning them. I do hope that if Hasbro does decide to adapt Kyuranger based on fan mail, I hope there is nothing that gets in their way of doing so.

Let's hope that 2021 brings us the Kyuranger adaptation that should have existed in 2019 instead of Beast Morphers. I also think they should do a poll asking fans what sentai they want adapted next instead of picking one at random. Although I don't know if choosing Go-Busters was a random pick or if it was directly intentional, I'm just saying they should adapt sentais based on what fans want. I know some people may have wanted a Go-Busters adaptation, but I wanted a Kyuranger adaptation more than anything.
For some odd reason, I cannot click the "X" button on my notifications or open up any new notes. On top of that, there's also the adds that have disappeared. I haven't seen anyone else report this, so is it just me, or is anyone else also having this trouble and nobody else bothered to bring it up until now?

Update: I figured out it was because I didn't have my window on full screen in the case of being able to click the "X" button. But I still don't get the No-Adds thing.
I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but every single comment on YouTube has disappeared. The number is still the same, but the comments are gone. Is this some sort of a glitch? I'd like to know if anyone else has noticed this.
Hey guys, I'm currently trying to figure out how to get a custom model into Garry's Mod that is not one from the workshop, but I am not able to find a good enough video on how to do it. I came across one video, and I tried following the steps, but at some point, the video showed a folder that should be somewhere where it isn't. If anyone out there knows how I can get these ponies into Garry's Mod. New addition to the Elements of Harmony G-mod [DL] by Snowcat93
As for creating my own models, I'm still struggling to figure that out as well. I know there is a way, it's just a matter of figuring it out. This is a learning process I have, but I want to see if I can get existing custom models into Garry's Mod when they aren't available in the workshop. So if you know how I can do it, please leave a comment letting me know.

Update: As far as I know, after I open a file I've downloaded, I'm suppose to click on "Program Files (x86)" and then click on "Steam". Well, when I do, "Steam" is not showing up. Don't believe me? Take a look at this screenshot.
After Clicking Program Files (x86) by Eli-J-Brony
Is there something I'm missing here? If Steam is suppose to be somewhere within this folder, I'd like to know why it isn't. Unless I can figure out why it's not showing up, I won't be able to use these models. So if you know what the problem is, please let me know.
Is anyone else having trouble with YouTube right now? For me, I get the monkeys error message thing and I haven't seen anyone else talk about it yet. I think it just happened. I want to know if this is a problem everybody is having or if it's just me.

Update: It's fixed.