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The Key Givers

I decided to do something for the key givers this season. During the season, the ponies each received an item that could become a key for a chest. I didn't notice this during the series. On occasions I have seen the rainbow light on the eyes and items. But I didn't know they were all connected to the chest.

Background by :iconwild-hearts:
Discord vector by :iconestories:
Spitfire vector by :iconnanolotl:
Coco Pommel vector by :iconcanon-lb:
Silver Shill vector by Me
Seabreeze vector by :icontourniquetmuffin:
Cheese Sandwich Vector by :iconmasemj:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is (C) to Hasbro
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YAY, this is awesome!! :la: I really love these 6 and I love how you put them into that background! :meow: Great job!! :clap:
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I want a fanfiction with these six as a ragtag group of misfits that are the closest thing and only ones left to save Equestria.
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can you do the key six as the toqgers
Eli-J-Brony's avatar
I don't think I will.
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just asking why
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Well I did TUFF Agents as Super Sentai. I don't know if I want to do the same for ponies. But I'll think about it.
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It looks awesome
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So... four ponies, a draconequus, and a Breezie from G3,
Are the so-called "New Elements of Harmony"?
Excuse me for saying so, but it doesn't make sense.
Although, to be fair, the last fight was pretty intense.

(Like how I played verse in there, huh?)
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Uh. The Breezie is from G4 not G3.

And they were the ones who gave each of the main six the items that became keys.
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Yeah, but the Breezies originated from G3.
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I know. One of them even had Pinkie's voice in G3 (I recognized her voiced from another Andrea Libman character)
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Did you make this in Paint? This basic Paint attached to Windows?
It would be nice, but it's too pixelized.
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