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Starlight: So where are we now?

Brandon: Mobotropolis, capital of Mobius.

Starlight: I thought Mobius City was the capital.

Brandon: Well it isn't. It's Mobotropolis. Let's warm up, alright?

Starlight: Um... Alright.

About an hour later...

Starlight: Alright. So what will we be doing now?

Twilight: What we're going to be doing now is finding out where the next Chaos Emerald is.

Brandon: (Sniffs)

Twilight: Smell anything, Brandon?

Brandon: One is close.

Twilight: Here? In Mobotropolis?

Starlight: It's funny considering that this was the first place that Sonic ever used them.

Brandon: Actually, that's a misconception.

Both; What?

Brandon: Sonic first used all seven emeralds on West Side Island. At least as far as the games goes, anyway.

Twilight: Sonic told us it was here that he first used them. Anyway, how close is the emerald?

Brandon: A mile southeast.

Twilight: Great.

They headed southeast and along the way, everyone in the city was surprised to see two ponies walking on four legs.

Brandon: (Telepathically to Twilight and Starlight) Just ignore them.

Twilight and Starlight had done just that. They soon made it to where Brandon located the next Chaos Emeralds and Brandon dug up the yellow one.

Twilight: Ah. I see you found a yellow one.

Starlight: I don't think it's "A" yellow one, but "the" yellow one.

Twilight: Oh right.

Brandon: Three more to go.

Starlight: :phew:

The emeralds then warped them to Petropolis.

Twilight: Petropolis?

Starlight: At least it's a familiar place this time.

Brandon: (Sniffs)

Twilight: I wonder where we will find the next Chaos Emerald?

Brandon: About three miles north.

Twilight: North? Is there anything we know north?

Brandon: TUFF HQ.

Both: Oh.

They got there and walked into Sinthia.

Twilight: Oh hello there, Sinthia?

Sinthia: What's going on here?

Starlight: Sinthia, don't you remember us?

Sinthia: I do. I just want to know why you're here.

Twilight: We're looking for the Chaos Emeralds from Eli's home world. For some reason, the last time they were used, some of them ended up in Equestria and some here.

Starlight: Well, we found one in Equestria and two on Mobius, which is Eli's world. And now the next one is said to be here.

Brandon: We have four.

Starlight: Did I say two on Mobius? I meant to say three.

Brandon: Anyway, there's one here.

Sinthia: Here?

Brandon: Yeah.

Sinthia: In this building?

Brandon: Or at least near it.

Sinthia: Well, I haven't seen something like it.

Brandon: Well, I smelt one here.

Sinthia: What does it look like?

Brandon showed her all four emeralds they collected.

Sinthia: Ah. Those. I'm not sure I've seen something like that here.

Brandon: Well, maybe it's somewhere you can't see it.

Sinthia: Maybe.

Brandon: We better look.

So they went on inside. Brandon sniffed until he found the aqua one in a drawer.

Twilight: Well, what do you know about that?

Starlight: I wonder if it had always been there or if someone found it?

Brandon: Most likely the last one.

Twilight: If someone did find it, who?

Brandon: Don't know?

Starlight: Are the last two in Petropolis, too?

Brandon: We'll just have to wait and see.

Sinthia: Can I help out with this search?

Brandon: Sure. If you want to.

Sinthia: Great.

Brandon picked up the aqua emerald and put it with the others.

Sinthia: Where exactly did you put those things?

Brandon: Hammer space.

Sinthia: Uh...alright.

Brandon: (Hands Sinthia a paper bag)

Sinthia: What is this for?

Brandon: We're about to teleport. The bag is in case of nausea.

Sinthia: Uh...Alright then.

Once they teleported, Sinthia felt nauseous.

Sinthia: Ooooh.

Brandon: Use the bag.

Sinthia: (Gets the bag out and barfs into it) Oh.

Brandon: Yeah, teleportation can be a bit nauseating. It took me 37 teleports to get used to it.

Twilight: And Starlight and I do it all the time. Just not across different dimensions.

Brandon: (Sniffs)

Sinthia: By the way, where are we know?

Sinthia looked around and sees that they were at an empty beach.

Sinthia: The beach? What world are we in?

Brandon: Still in the same world.

Sinthia: So we haven't traveled across any dimensions? Thank goodness.

Brandon: An Emerald is here.

Starlight: Where exactly?

Brandon: A few feet underneath us.

Sinthia: So it's buried deep, huh?

Brandon: Yeah. You're part canine, right?

Sinthia: Yeah. So-Oh wait. You aren't expecting me to-

Brandon: We don't have any shovels.

Sinthia: Ugh.

Brandon: I once went on a mission that had me dig through manure. This is nothing.

Sinthia: Alright. But I'm not going to like this.

Brandon: Sometimes, we have to do things even if we don't like it.

Sinthia began to dig. Brandon did as well.

Sinthia: Oh. So you can dig?

Brandon: Part of my canine biology.

Sinthia: Figures.

They managed to dig up the Purple Chaos Emerald.

Sinthia: Ah. I think I got it.

Brandon: One left.

Twilight: So where is this next Chaos Emerald? Is it on top of a cold mountain?

Starlight: Buried deep within a volcano?

Sinthia: Hidden in a dangerous jungle?

Brandon: (Sniffs) None of the above.

All three: Then where?

Brandon: In a dimension beyond any of the three we've been to before.

Sinthia: Then count me out.

Twilight: Sinthia.

Brandon: It's OK. She doesn't have to come if she doesn't want to.

Sinthia: Thank you. By the way, how far back is TUFF?

Brandon: There's a bus stop northeast of here.

Sinthia: Thanks. (Walks over to the bus stop)

Brandon: Well, girls, are you ready?

Twilight: Ready. Ready to go to whatever world we're going to be going to.

Starlight: Just as long as there are no monsters.

Brandon: Not all monsters are bad.

Twilight: Just take us.

Brandon teleported them to a tropical island beach near a jungle.

Twilight: Wait. You said we weren't going to a jungle.

Starlight: Where are we anyway?

Brandon: First off, we're not actually IN the jungle. Second, we're on the island of Okoto.

Both; Okoto?

Brandon: From the Bionicle reboot.

Twilight: Oh yeah. Eli showed us about that.

Brandon; We're going to have to walk from here. My powers are kind of drained.

Twilight: Alright. Come on. Let's go.

They began to walk through the jungle.

Starlight: So the last Chaos Emerald is somewhere within this jungle?

Brandon: No, more in the center of the island.

Starlight: You mean where the giant spiders are?

Brandon: No, those aren't a problem anymore.

Starlight: The skeletons?

Brandon: They won't be, either.

Starlight: Darn. I was hoping for a little challenge.

Brandon: Careful what you wish for.

Starlight: Sorry.

Just then, the Protector of Jungle spotted them.

Protector: What are you? Organic creatures?

Brandon: Yeah. Aren't you as well, considering your kind can have children?

Protector of Jungle: What I meant was completely organic. So where did you come from?

Twilight: We came from a place called Equestria.

Brandon: I came from somewhere else entirely.

Twilight: I'm Twilight Sparkle, and this is Starlight Glimmer.

Brandon: And I am Brandon Mutt, Vizuna.

Vizuna: Hey, how did...?

Starlight: Don't ask. He just knows.

Brandon: I know much more than your name.

Vizuma: Do you happen to know what had happened a year ago here on Okoto?

Brandon: The Toa sealed Makuta, returned to the stars, and brought about an era of peace.

Vizuna: Th-that's right.

Brandon: We're here for the last Chaos Emerald.

Vizuna: What is a Chaos Emerald.

Brandon told Vizuma all about the Chaos Emeralds and how they were searching for them throughout the different dimensions.

Brandon: And I tracked the last one to here.

Vizuna: I see. Ekimu is in possession of a gem matching those descriptions.

Twilight: Then we need to see him.

Vizuna: Follow me, then.

Vizuna lead Brandon and the ponies to the Mask Maker's City.

Vizuna: Here we are.

Twilight: Wow. A whole village of r-whatever you are.

Brandon: Okotans.

Twilight: Right.

Ekumu then approached them.

Ekimu: Vizuna, who are these creatures that you have found?

Twilight: I'm Twilight Sparkle, and this is Starlight Glimmer, and Brandon Mutt.

Starlight: We're searching for the Chaos Emeralds from a world called Mobius, and Brandon has tracked them throughout different dimensions.

Brandon: The last one I tracked to here.

Ekimu: Ah. I see. So you're looking for this Chaos Emerald, huh?

Brandon: Correct.

Ekimu: Perhaps a test is in order.

Starlight: A test?

Ekimu: Indeed. To see whether he can truly earn it.

Starlight: I guess it makes good sense.

Ekimu: You must complete a challenge form the Protector of each Region.

Twilight: That shouldn't be too hard for Brandon, should it?

Ekimu: These challenges will be physical and mental. He cannot use his powers.

Both Ponies: Ooh!

Ekimu: First, he must go to the Region of Fire.

Later at the Region of Fire, Brandon entered the arena.

Starlight: So what does he need to do here, Ekimu?

Ekimu: That is for the Protector of Fire, Narmato, to decide.

Narmato: Right. Brandon, my trial is for you to surf board down the lava.

Brandon: (Gulps) Uh, do I get protective armor in case I fall off?

Narmato: If you wish to have any.

Brandon: (Quickly puts on Fire Okotan armor)

Narmato: Alright. Ready for the test?

Brandon: :nod:

Narmato: Then get into the lava.

Brandon nervously tried to surf.

Twilight: Come on, Brandon. You can do it.

Brandon soon made it to the other side.

Twilight: Well done, Brandon.

Brandon got up.

Ekimu: You have past the first trial. Now onto the next.

Starlight: Where are we going now?

Ekimu: To the Region of Ice.

Starlight: Got any scarves?

Brandon: I'm wearing one.

Starlight: I was talking to Ekimu, and I meant for us.

Brandon: I've got scarves for you, as well. (Hands them scarves)

Starlight: Phew. Thank you, Brandon.

Later at the Region of Ice...

Ekimu: Alright, Izotor. What does our friend, Brandon have to do?

Izotor: Hmmm. Create an ice sculpture.

Starlight: An ice sculpture? That shouldn't be so hard.

Brandon: Speak for yourself.

Brandon began making his ice sculpture. It looked very crude when he had finished.

Izotor: (Looks at it) Hmmmmm. It passes.

The ponies cheered.

Ekimu: Now, to the Region of Earth.

Later at the Region of Earth...

Ekimu: Korgot, what is it that you have for Brandon here to do?

Korgot: Hmmm. Perhaps a test of strength.

Twilight: Are you going to make him lift anything heavy?

Korgot pointed to a large cluster of crystals.

Korgot: He must lift all of those crystals with one hand.

Starlight: Are you crazy?

Brandon went over and managed to lift all the crystals with one hand. It took a lot of effort, though.

Twilight: Wow. You are strong, Brandon.

Brandon: (Strained) Tell me where you want it!

Korgot: Over on that rock on the other side of that bridge.

Brandon moved the rocks, struggling to stay balanced.

Twilight: Come on, Brandon. You can do it.

Brandon managed to reach his destination.

Starlight: He made it. Wahoo! (Jumps up with excitement)

Brandon got back to the other side. Twilight then noticed that his arm looked bent like an accordion.

Twilight: Oh. That doesn't look good.

Brandon; It feels worse.

Starlight: Alright, Ekimu. What painful task must Brandon do next?

Ekimu: First. He must head.

Twilight: Alright. I guess this gives us time to rest for a while.

What will Brandon's next test be? Find out in the next chapter...
Here is Part 2 of the Dimensional Chaos Emerald Quest that MrBLUERANGERHERO and I did together. Sinthia briefly joins in, and we even travel to the Bionicle world of Okoto.

Brandon Mutt
Twilight Sparkle
Starlight Glimmer
Sinthia Thorndyke
Vizuna/Protector of Jungle
Narmato/Protector of Fire
Izotor/Protector of Ice
Korgot/Protector of Earth

Characters are (C) to MrBLUERANGERHERO, FoxsDumbSeriesMaker, Hasbro Studios, and LEGO.
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Cool mix with Bionicle too! ^^
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