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If you've seen the last episode, you should know what's coming. Get on with it, you guys. I won't stand in your way. Anyway, they were in Vinnie's office, getting stern looks from him.

Vinnie: Hmmmmm. You're probably wondering why you're here.

Susan: Yeah. What is it?

Vinnie: There's been a string of sabotage in the last two weeks. I have my suspicions you scabs are responsible.

Brandon: (Telepathically to the team) Remember, play along. We have plausible deniability.

Koda: That's ridiculous. We would never do something like that.

Brandon: Do you have any evidence?

Vinnie: Well, you're the only ones who weren't in the usual work place when it happened.

Brandon: We were getting drink orders. We don't exactly have a usual workplace.

Vinnie: Where exactly where you getting them?

Brandon: Far away from the site.

Vinnie: Where exactly?

Brandon: Anywhere that serves specific drinks.

Vinnie: Store name?

Brandon: Technos' written language wasn't my best subject.

Vinnie: Hmmm. (He plays a video of them sabotaging the project)

Ben: That was not us. We swear.

Vinnie: Then, you won't have any problems turning your backs to me.


Vinnie: You ain't fooling nobody!

Brandon: Alright, we're responsible. But, what you're building could destroy the planet!

Vinnie: That's nonsense. I won't be destroying this planet.

Brandon: What you're building could.

Vinnie: Nonsense.

Brandon: It's true.

Brandon laid out the blueprints and used a blacklight to reveal that the plans WERE for a doomsday device.


Brandon: You had several copies. This blacklight was just laying around.

Vinnie was now very angry with this.

Vinnie: I can't believe someone played me for a chump!

Sarah: Alright. The jig is up!

Brandon: Not us, Sarah.

Sarah: What?

Brandon: He was talking about the ones who gave him the blueprints.

Sarah: Oh.

Brandon: So, who gave them to you?

Vinnie: I never learned the name.

Gene: Not talking, huh?

Brandon: Stand down, Gene. He speaks the truth.

Gene: Oh really?

Brandon: I scanned his mind. He doesn't know the name.

Gene: OK then.

Unnoticed by them, a security camera moved on its own.

Koda: Why are you planning on doing this, Vinnie?

Vinnie: The blueprints were sent to me. I don't know where from, but, in our culture, when you get blueprints, you follow them with no questions asked.

Susan: So this is not you idea?

Brandon: He told us that the plans were sent to him! He's in shock at learning the purpose of the project! (The ground starts shaking)

Sarah: What's th-th-that?

Vinnie: The project.

Gene: Who's causing it?

The computer turned on itself.

All: Whoa!

Familiar demonic eyes then appeared on the screen.

Vinnie: Who are you?

Dominus' Voice: Your destroyer.

Gene: It's Dominus!

Dominus' Voice: Correct. I'm going to destroy the Spirit of Technology.

Koda: Uh oh.

Dominus: It'll be all the easier since it hasn't achieved immortality like the others.

Susan: Immortality? And yes, I know what it is. I just am wondering why you want it.

Brandon: The Spirit of Technology hasn't become immortal like the other spirits, so, unlike the other spirits, it CAN be destroyed.

Susan: Then we better get to it before Dominus does.

Outside, a human-sized robot, who's just giant to the inhabitants of Technos as they're the size of mice, was smashing buildings. All the citizens were screaming. (One is shown not to be screaming) I said, all the cit-oh forget it. This guy can't hear me like Brandon can.Reggie was watching from a distance.

Reggie: Guys, can we do something about this? (He realizes he's alone) Oh. That's right. (He goes to his own robot) Looks like it's up to me.

He moved out with the robot into the city. The robot he had was grey and in a generic humanoid design. He then came across the other, stockier one.

Reggie: Alright, you big mean robot. I don't know where you came from, but this city isn't big enough for the two of us. (Attacks)

Everybody watched.

Susan: Whoa. Look at that.

Koda: Two giant robots fighting each other?

Brandon: Wouldn't be the first time.

Gene: One of those robots is on our side, right?

Vinnie: The thinner one looks like Reggie's handiwork.

Ben: I think you are right.

The thinner one deactivated the stockier one.

Koda: Alright. The stockier one is down. :D

The active one approached them.

Reggie: Did you guys see me?

Brandon: Yes, Reggie.

Reggie: I know how to build my robots, don't I?

Brandon: It looks a little unfinished.

Reggie: Yeah. It's just a prototype. On the plus-side, we know it works. (The robot powers down) For a while, at least.

Gene: Planning on getting it working again?

Reggie: And maybe completing it.

Susan: Need any help?

Back with me in the mainstream universe, it was still another hour before morning. The script of this episode then appeared on the bed. I then open my eyes to see all the scripts.

Eli: Oh man. So many scripts in one night? Man, I've got a lot of reading to do. Although there could be some more on the way. I wonder how much longer this is going to happen?

The End
Here is Episode 20 of Team Elemental. Man, 20 episodes already? Wow.

Brandon Mutt, Susan Zaku, Sarah Eiryu, Koda Ryu, Ben Yakko, Gene Bunson, Reggie, Dominus and Vinnie are (C) to MrBLUERANGERHERO.
Eli J. Brown is (C) to me.
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