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Brandon and Team Sub Elemental have gone out to this planet while the cyborg members had to stay behind as it wasn't good for them. Our heroes have come across a griffin king and princess, just having been saved by an angry dragon.

Brandon: Narrator, you forgot Neo Elemental.

And Neo Elemental. Gees. I've never narrated so much while talking to one of the characters. It's like Brandon had the ability to predict the future and knew I was going to be narrating this years later.

Brandon: I have the same script you do.

(Sighs) He was so confusing about all this back then. Anyway, mind if you continue with your story please?

Brandon: By all means. (He moves the scenery)

Mysty: Guys, I think there's somebody out there that's trying to get me in trouble. Can you guys help me?

Kathleen: Sure we can help you. That's what heroes, do.

Brandon: I checked last episode and someone IS framing you.

Mysty: Somebody is?

Brandon: (Shows her a clip from last episode)

Mysty: Oh. That fiend! Malefico the Dark! I should have known.

Gus: You know that guy?

Mysty: He's the evil wizard of Mystos.

Oxford: What is Mystos?

Mysty: The planet you guys are on, dope.

Oxford: Oh.

Mysty: Just like him to pull a stunt like that.

Gus: Where shall we find him?

Mysty: If it were that easy, don't you think we would have dealt with him by now?

Gus: I take it you don't know who we are, do you?

Mysty: Someone on a quest.

Gus: Correct.

Brandon: Tell you what. We'll put off our quest to clear your name.

Mysty: Oh. Thank you. :thanks:

Brandon: Let's go.

Mysty: Shall I come along, too?

Brandon: You can't because you're under house arrest.

Mysty: Right...

Brandon: Besides, if you did come with us, your father would think you cast a spell on us to make up a story.

Mysty: Good point. Well made. I wish you luck.

They set out; meanwhile, back at the ship...

Koda: I wonder how Brandon is doing out there?

Susan: I can't wait anymore. We have to go out there!

Ben: But we can't. The air isn't good for us. You heard, Brandon.

Susan: We have to do something! We can't just stay in here!

Sarah: How do you expect we're going to survive out there?

Susan: I don't know, but, at least we should try to help!

Gene: I can't risk it. You know what happened before, right?

Susan: (Exasperated groan) I feel so useless here!

Gene: Well, what are you going to do about it?

Susan: I don't know! (Mysty watches from a crystal ball)

Mysty: That bird girl is wanting to leave the ship, but her friends are telling her not to? I wonder if I should help?

She teleported them to her castle, protecting them from the atmosphere outside.

Gene: Hey. What happened?

Sarah: Where are we?

Mysty: In Mystos Castle.

Koda: I don't remember, but I bet we already know where that is, don't we?

Mysty: Mystos is the planet you're on.

Koda: I'm sure I knew that already. Right?

(The others nod; Misty notices a whirring noise when Gene nods)

Mysty: What was that?

Gene: What was what?

Mysty: That whirring noise.

Gene: Uh-oh!

Koda: What is it, Gene?

Gene: (Whispering into Koda's lack of ear) She's catching onto the fact that we're cyborgs!

Koda: Oh.

Mysty: Cyborgs, eh?

Koda: Uh what?

Mysty: I heard the turtle say you're cyborgs.

Koda: No. You misheard. He said we're...uh....

(Mysty uses a truth spell on him)

Koda: Yes. We are cyborgs....

Mysty: I thought so.

Sarah: Great. Now the secret's out.

Mysty: You must be from the planet, Technos.

Susan: Actually, we come from the planet, Earth. But it's not the Earth of this dimension. It's an Earth from another dimension.

Back with Brandon and the others, they were on the search to clear Mysty's name.

Brandon: Is everyone clear on what to do?

Kathleen: We find whoever's framing Mysty, and get her name cleared.

Brandon: And bring the culprit as proof.

Oxford: Where shall we look?

Brandon: Let's check that suspiciously empty field.

Bert: That field?

Brandon: Do you see any other empty fields?

Others: Nope.

Brandon: Remind me to go over rhetorical questions with you guys again.

They all headed towards the empty field. As soon as they entered, it was suddenly dark and a castle was seen.

Kathleen: I think that's it over there.

Brandon: A camouflage spell.

Others: Camouflage?

Brandon: Remind me to get you dictionaries.

Gus: No. We mean, "What do you mean by camouflage?"

Kathleen: We don't get it.

Brandon: (Facepalm) Does literally NOBODY notice that a giant castle LITERALLY appeared out of nowhere the second we set foot in this field or that it LITERALLY just went from broad daylight to pitch black as night in LITERALLY the same second the castle appeared!? Am I the only one paying attention in this episode!?

Oxford: Oh wait. We get it now.

Brandon: Thank you!!!

They headed towards the castle.

Brandon: Okay, now, evil wizard castles are always guarded by a giant monster.

Bert: A giant monster?

Kathleen: Isn't that obvious?

(They ran into a giant's foot)

Bert: Oh. I guess it is now. ^^;

Giant: Are you on the list? I'm not seeing you on the list.

Gus: The list?

Brandon: (Whispering) It's a private club gag.

Gus: Oh.

Brandon: (Hypnotizing the giant) You don't need to be here. (Fortunately, the giant is affected by the hypnosis)

Giant: You...may...pass... (Lifts his scythe)

Brandon: (Still hypnotizing the giant) You think you'll go grab forty winks behind the mountains?

Giant: I think I go grab forty winks behind the mountains.

Kathleen: Wearing this pretty hat. (She pulls one out and the giant repeats her while taking it)

Giant: Wearing this pretty hat. (Puts it on)

(The giant walks behind a mountain)

Oxford: OK. So now he's out of the way, right?

Brandon: Bingo.

Back with the wizard, Malefico. He wasn't too pleased with what happened.

Malefico: I don't believe it. They distracted my giant. I'll get them for that. Giant, get back here!

By the time the giant did, they were already in.

Giant: Got back here.

Malefico: You're too late. They're already in.

Giant: I'm too late. They're already in.

Malefico: Stop repeating what I say.

Giant: Stop repeating what you say.

(With Brandon and the others...)

Brandon: The giant is still hypnotized. The weaker of mind stay that way for hours.

Gus: We'll be able to get out of here in time, won't we?

Brandon: Hopefully. The mind trick won't work on the giant's master.

Melissa: Oh. Too bad.

Brandon: If we hurry, the hypnotized giant will keep his master distracted long enough. (Mysfortune appears)

Myfortune: I don't think so. You're quest ends here!

Brandon: Let's show her what we can do.

Others: Right.

They transformed, then started to fight.

(Bert creates a flash of light, injuring the female warrior)

Myfortune: Gabuhubuhubuhubuhubuh.

Bert: Take that, faker.

Myfortune: (Turns to dust)

Kathleen: That was quick.

Oxford: Hold it. I don't think she's finished yet.

(The dust flies through a corridor)

Gus: Should we go down that corridor?

Brandon: (Checks the script) Yeah.

So they hurried down the corridor. They didn't know what awaited them on the other side. On second thought, maybe Brandon did. But everyone else didn't.

Brandon: The script says this corridor leads to the throne room of Malefico.

Kathleen: That's the bad guy, right?

Brandon: I don't know. Does this castle look like it belongs to a good guy?

Kathleen: I knew it. Of course, it could have lead to a prison cell.

Back in the mainstream universe, another hour passed. I was still sleeping since it was still night time. The scripted appeared on my bed, but I wouldn't read it until the next morning, along with a few more scripts for the upcoming episodes.

The End
Brandon, Team Elemental, and Team Neo Elemental (I sure hope I remembered everyone) go on a quest to stop the wizard Malefico and clear, Princess Mysty's name.

Brandon Mutt, Princess Mysty, Kathleen, Gus, Oxford, Koda Ryu, Susan Zaku, Ben Yakko, Gene Bunson, Sarah Eiryu, Bert, Malefico, and Myfurtune are (C) to MrBLUERANGERHERO.
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