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Title: The Undead Ranger

One day in Petropolis, there was a skeleton hiding in the alley. He was eating some donuts. How he's able to eat the donuts when he's dead? The spell that animated him requires a lot of energy to keep him from turning to dust.

Skeleton: Ah. These living guys make good donuts.

Meanwhile, at TUFF, the agents were being briefed on the recent rising of zombies.

Chief: Agents, there has been a zombie rising recently. And we don't know who caused it.

Brandon: No kidding. Since they're already dead, arresting them won't do any good.

Dudley: I don't think the Chief said anything about arresting Brandon.

Brandon: Well, that's typically how we deal with things.

Chief: He's right. I wasn't saying we need to arrest the zombies, just have them go back to their.....not aliveness. Wait, is that even a word?

Brandon: No. No, it's not. Grave is the word you're searching for. I dealt with zombies as a Tokusouldier. They all share the same weakness of being slow movers.

Chief: Oh yeah.

Dudley: Zombies' slowness? Wait, is that a-

Kitty: Yes, Dudley. Slowness is a word.

Dudley: Thanks. I never realized that zombies did go slow. I guess they're not all bad.

Brandon: However, zombie limbs move faster than the actual zombie.

Dudley: Zombie limbs?

Brandon: Arms, legs, whatever.

Dudley: Oh.

Brandon: These zombies seem to gain temporary speed boosts when they eat sugar.

Kitty: You mean like when Keswick reanimated them that one year on Halloween?

Brandon: What?

Kitty: Oh yeah. You weren't there yet.

Dudley: I thought he would know about that anyway?

Brandon: Contrary to popular belief, I do NOT know everything. But, we're talking about zombies here.

Dudley: So what should we be doing?

Brandon: Well, be ready for zombies.

Then, the alarm went off.

Kitty: Looks like that's the zombie alarm. We better get out there.

Back with the skeleton seen earlier.

Skeleton: More Underworld stiffs. (He pulls out a small, red skull made of crystal) Time to go, Burnz.

Red Crystal Skull: You got it.

The red skull then flew into the air and created a portal. Meanwhile, Brandon, Dudley, Kitty, and I were being overwhelmed by zombies.

Eli: There's a lot of zombies all around the place. (Scared)

A red vortex opened and a skeletal motorcycle flew out, crashing through a few zombies.

Dudley: Whoa. Did you see that?

Motorcycle Rider: (Pulls out a large scythe)

Dudley: AAAH!

Motorcycle Rider: (Reveals to be the skeleton and uses his scythe to cleave through 10 zombies in one fell swoop)

Dudley: Oh. Look at that. He killed all the zombies.

Kitty: Who are you?

Skeleton: First off, zombies are already dead. As to who I am, that's not important now. Burnz! (He puts on a belt with a buckle resembling a tombstone as the red skull flies into his hand) You ready?

Burnz: Better believe it!

Skeleton: Then, let's do it! Pyro Skull Crystal, let's burn them to the ground! (The biggest zombie uses a flamethrower and the skeleton seems to burn up)

Eli: What's happening now?

Then, the skeleton emerged in a TUFFRanger-like suit with a red cloak.

All Three: A TUFFRanger?

(Kitty looks at Brandon)

Brandon: I had nothing to do with it.

Eli: How do you have the same powers as a TUFFRanger, Mr. Skeleton? (Gets grabbed by a zombie) AH! A zombie's got me!

Kitty: Hold on, Eli. (Aims her blaster at the zombie)

Skeleton: (Fires a fireball at the zombie from his scythe)

Kitty: O_O

Eli: Oh. Thank goodness.

(The skeleton sets the blade of his scythe on fire and does a ballet spin while cutting through the remaining zombies)

Dudley: He's getting rid of these zombies fast.

(The scythe's blade seems sharper with each zombie it cuts up)

Soon, all the zombies were out. The skeleton removed his belt and the suit vanished.

Kitty: So where did you come from?

Skeleton: The underworld.

Dudley: You sound Jamaican.

Skeleton: Shows how much YOU know, you stupid dog. If you knew anything about anything, you'd know that the underworld houses the souls of creatures all over the world, except for those Buddhists.

Dudley: Uh, OK.

Brandon: Was it really necessary to call Dudley stupid?

Skeleton Go mark your territory, you mangy mongrel.

(Brandon and Dudley wore faces of utter shock)

Kitty: How rude.

Skeleton: You think THAT'S rude? Dogs go to the bathroom wherever they please, chew wicker furniture, claim something as their territory by peeing on it, and chew on the bones of their own ancestors!

Dudley: What? I do not! (He goes to a fire hydrant)

Skeleton: I rest my case.

Kitty: -_-

Skeleton: Dogs have no respect for the dead.

Dudley: Sure I do.

Skeleton: (Sarcastically) Sure, because nothing says, "I respect the dead," like chewing on bones, which are usually the remains of DEAD people!

Dudley: -_-

Skeleton: (Pulls out his donuts)

Dudley: Oh boy. Donuts!

Eli: Wait, those aren't poisonous, are they?

Skeleton: Well, to the living. Except dogs, who eat their own barf and waste.

Kitty: I think we'll pass.

Skeleton: (Eats a donut and nothing happens)

Dudley then noticed three crystal skulls similar to Burnz, but in blue, orange, and green.

Dudley: What are these?

Skeleton: Take a hike, mutt.

Dudley: Hey, no need to be rude.

Skeleton: I don't have to tell you anything.

Dudley: Fine then.

Kitty: (Cuffs the skeleton) I think you'll be telling us, even if we have to make you do it by force!

(The skeleton simply slides through the cuffs)

Kitty: What? How did you...? (She notices that his bony arms are thin enough to easily slip through) Kitty: Thank goodness I also have the small cuffs. (Puts them onto the skeleton, but he takes his hands off and slides his arms out) Didn't see that coming. -_-

Skeleton: You can't arrest me. I'm dead.

Kitty: That doesn't mean you won't be committing to any crimes, though.

Skeleton: I'm dead. I have nothing to gain or lose.

Kitty: Alright. It would make us feel better to know what you're doing in this world right now.

Skeleton: Making sure the stiffs don't wreck any bakeries.

Kitty: The stiffs?

Brandon: He's referring to the zombies.

Kitty: Oh. I didn't know that. Man, there were some words in Uncle Doug's calendar I missed.

Brandon: I have an Uncle Doug. He got arrested twice. He has little meaning to me anymore.

Dudley: Can will help with these...stiffs?

Skeleton: I don't need help from any stupid, flea-bitten mongrel who can't even use proper English.

Dudley: Wha?

The skeleton then opened up a portal with his scythe, walked into it, then closed it before we could get to him.

Eli: I wonder where he's gone to?

Dudley: Probably to another dimension.

Kitty: We don't know that, Dudley.

Brandon: It wasn't an inter dimensional portal. The energy was too low. There was only enough power to send him three miles away.

Eli: Should we go three miles always.

Brandon: I think there's a typo in the script.

Eli: I wondered why I didn't sound like I was asking a question.

Brandon: What did you mean to say?

Eli: I asked if we should go three miles away.

Brandon: I don't think we should bother.

Eli: Why not?

Brandon: He obviously hates dogs.

Eli: Alright then. Just Kitty and I can go. We're not dogs.

Kitty: What makes you think he hates dogs specifically Brandon?

Brandon: His attitude towards me and Dudley. I can understand why he hates dogs.

Kitty: But how do you know he doesn't also hate cats and hedgehogs?

Brandon: Because they don't chew on bones.

Eli: Fair enough.

Brandon: Regardless, I don't think there's any reasoning with him.

Kitty: So you're saying we should leave him alone?

Brandon: Yeah. You can't be friends with everyone. It's sad, but true.

Kitty: True. We can't be friends with the bad guys.

Dudley: So what now?

Brandon: Well, if I recall correctly, this is the part where the scene changes before I finish my--(The scene changes to the underworld, where a large demon sits in a thrown)

Demon: Sentence! That's what I should do with that traitor. Sentence him to eternity in the pit! If he even thinks of bringing down those animals on the surface, they'll suffer the same fate as him. (He creates zombie dragons) Demon: Go my zombie dragons. Destroy the traitor.

(Meanwhile, the skeleton is doing a roll call with his crystal skulls)

Skeleton: Burnz?

Burnz: Here.

Skeleton: Gustz?

Green Skull: Here.

Skeleton: Wavez?

Blue Skull: Here.

Skeleton: Rockz?

Orange Skull: Here.

Skeleton: That seems to be about everybody.

Burnz: We need to be ready for Demonor. He won't tolerate betrayal.

Skeleton: I agree. We must be prepared.

Rockz: And before he creates zombie dragons. Those things are dangerous. Their deadly ghost breath can cause organic materials to wither and die.

Skeleton: Indeed. I don't even want to think about them.

Windz: And they feed on lesser zombies to assimilate the spell keeping them animated into their own strength.

Skeleton: (Shivers)

Wavez: You absorbed quite a bit of energy from not only us, but every zombie you destroyed and the sweets you consume. If they cannibalize you, there's no way to stop them. And defeating them is hard enough without the boost.

Windz: We might need some help.

Landz: Yeah. At this point, even the living as allies would be helpful.

Skeleton: I told you, I don't want their help. Especially the dogs' help.

Burnz: We need backup, Skull. There's strength in numbers.

Skeleton: Alright. But not the dogs.

Landz: This is no time to hold a grudge. We need all the help we can get.

Skeleton: They chew on bones!

Wavez: Which is how they can be useful allies.

Skeleton: Useful?

Wavez: Dogs can attack the zombies, giving us an edge.

Skeleton: Hmmmmm. Alright. But I reserve my right to complain.

The others agreed. Back at TUFF, all agents are reviewing footage of the skeleton in action.

Shine: He certainly does look like he could be on our side.

Kitty: But he said he didn't need our help.

(A portal opens and the skeleton walks through)

Skeleton: I do now.

Michael: Oh. It's him.

Aaron: Very interesting.

Dudley: He's not going to be wanting our help. (He says this on behalf of himself, Allison, John, and Brandon)

John: Yeah. Dogs chewing on bones? Really?

Skeleton: I talked it over with my Skull Crystals and, though I'm still reluctant, I will accept any help offered. Even for a dog.

Allison: That's good to hear.

John: So why do you want our help now? I think you now have a reason to want dogs' help specifically.

Skeleton: Well, me Skull Crystals figured that a dog's nature to chew bones can give us an edge.

Allison: Are you kidding me?

John: There's no way I'm doing that!

Allison: Me neither.

Dudley: I'll do it. Besides, it's what I'm best at.

Skeleton: We'll need other canines as well. Wolves, foxes, coyotes, hyenas, and jackals.

Kitty: Well, the only ones I can think of would be Eric, Julia, Dorothy, and the Phonics Fox, and only Dorothy is a TUFF Agent and I doubt she'd want to chew on bones since she's not a real fox, just is in the form of one.

Skeleton: At this point, ANY canine will do.

Kitty: Alrighty then.

Skeleton: First, you need to know what you're up against.

Dudley: What are we up against?

Skeleton: (To his skulls) Boys! (The skulls created a screen with an image of the demon seen earlier)

Aaron: What is that thing?

Skeleton: The lord of the zombies, Demonor.

Michael: Demonor?

Shine: Sounds scary to me.

Aaron: I'm sure he's no trouble for me.

Kitty: Aaron, I know you fought demons before, but this one could mean business.

Skeleton: Indeed. He has the ability to create zombies like the ones you fought recently.

Kitty: Is it going to be easy to stop him with all of us working together?

Skeleton: No. He lives where no mortal can go.

Dudley: Oh. Sorry we can't help. If we could, we would.

Kitty: Not yet, Dudley.

Skeleton: The best way to damage him without going to his realm is destroying the zombies he creates.

Dudley: How does that work exactly?

Skeleton: When he animates zombies, he infuses them with some of his own essence.

Dudley: Oh. That makes sense.

Skeleton: But, the zombies are just cannon fodder.

Eli: They're what?

Brandon: Cannon fodder: expendable soldiers used to draw enemy fire and check for traps. In other words, decoys or distractions.

Eli: Oh.

Skeleton: I must admit, you're smarter than you look.

Brandon: Okay, MOVING ON!

Skeleton: There are much worse minions of Demonor.

Kitty: So when can we fight them? And where?

Skeleton: You don't want to fight zombie dragons. Their deadly ghost breath can cause organic materials to whither and die.

Kitty: Fine, we won't fight them.

Skeleton: If they emerge, you won't have a choice. Especially if they cannibalize lesser zombies to absorb their energy to strengthen themselves.

Shine: Uh oh. That sounds scary.

Skeleton: That's putting it lightly.

Michael: Then we'll have to be ready.

Aaron: But for how long? I want to fight them now.

Kitty: But we can't until they come out themselves.

Skeleton: Zombie dragons burrow through the ground.

Dudley: So we have to burrow deep? I can do that.

Skeleton: That would be suicide.

Kitty: How would that be suicide? He'd just be digging.

Skeleton: The dragons use their breath to dig through the ground. Even if you manage to dig a route that leads to them safely, they'd use their breath on you and you'll wither and die. Then, they'll use your route to get the surface, anyway.

Dudley: Oh. Thanks for telling us that.

Skeleton: Demonor is the biggest threat. He can't be killed and is nearly as old as this planet.

Aaron: That old huh? I guess not even I can beat him.

Skeleton: Pollution makes him stronger.

Michael: Does that mean non pollution makes him weaker?

Skeleton: He's weakened by sunlight.

Shine: Maybe we could gather mirrors and shine the sun's light at him. Would that work?

Skeleton: No. Only genuine sunlight.

Shine: Oh.

Brandon: How do you know so much about him?

Skeleton: I'm one of his creations.

Everyone gasped.

Brandon: I see what's going on here. Creation vs. Creator.

Skeleton: You got it. I absorbed quite a bit of energy from the zombies I destroyed.

Kitty: Is there a catch to if we can beat your creator as far as you are concerned?

Skeleton: Well, remember, he can't be killed. Ever. However, he can be sealed in time.

Kitty: How?

Skeleton: If I knew the answer to that, don't you think I would have done it by now?

Kitty: I guess you're right.

Then, the alarm went off.

Kitty: What's going on?

Chief: More zombies.

Dudley: Where are they, Chief?

Chief: Outside the building.

Everyone looked outside to see the zombies.

Skeleton: Wavez, come over here!

Wavez: What is it, sir?

Skeleton: It's time to transform! Hydro Skull Crystal, let's flush them out! (He attaches Wavez to his belt and transforms into his TUFFRanger-like form, but with a blue cloak)

Dudley: Chief, should we transform, too?

Chief: A good idea. TUFFRanger suits, authorized!

Dudley: Great. Let's go, guys.

Brandon: (Transform into TUFFMind) I'll get my teams.

The main nine rangers got out and morphed into our animal-based suits. The zombies moved slowly towards us.

Dudley: We should be able to get them easily now.

Kitty: Don't be too sure about that, Dudley. Even with the upgraded suits, they could still be difficult.

Kristina: We should at least try, though.

Kitty: Right.

(The Skeleton shoots water at the zombies from his scythe)

Matthew: How are you doing that?

Skeleton: Wavez gives me the power of water.

Shine: Maybe we should use our water blasters.

Kitty: Good idea, Shine.

We all got out our water blasters and aimed at the zombies. But our blasters didn't damage the zombies the way the skeleton's water blast did.

Michael: Huh?

Shine: Why didn't that work?

Skeleton: Your weapons are non-lethal and strictly for crowd control. You can't control a crowd that's already dead.

Aaron: Maybe we could use dead water?

Matthew: Whoever heard of dead water?

(The skeleton squirts the ground, making it slippery)

Zombies: Whoa! (Trips and lands on their bottoms)

(The skeleton swipes his scythe across the air, creating a wave that washes away the zombies)

Kitty: Whoa. Good going!

Dudley: But I think there's more to come.

(The skeleton removes Waves from his belt, causing his cloak to disappear, revealing a skeleton-themed suit)

Shine: Who-hoo. How cool.

Skeleton: Rockz!

Rockz: Yes?

Skeleton: Let's show them YOUR power! Geo Skull Crystal, let's shake them up! (Rockz attaches to the belt, giving the suit an orange cloak)

Eli: Is there a title for that mode?

Skeleton: Undead Warrior Wizard: Earth Style.

Aaron: Cool! :D

Skeleton: (Makes the ground swallow the zombies)

Zombies: Aaaaaaah! (As they fall)

(The skeleton then closes the crack)

Aaron: That wasn't it, was it?

Skeleton: What are you talking about?

Michael: What he means is, is there more to come or is that it?

Skeleton: That was just the first wave.

Shine: When's the second wave?

(More zombies appear)

Matthew: Looks like right now.

(The skeleton removes Rockz from his belt, once again causing his cloak to disappear)

Dudley: Anything we can do now?

Skeleton: Windz!

Kitty: Winds. Alright. I'm sure we have...

Windz: No, he was talking about me.

Kitty: Oh.

Skeleton: Aero Skull Crystal, let's blow them away! (Windz attaches to the belt, giving the suit a green cloak)

Michael: How many colors can that suit change into?

Skeleton: Just four. (He twirls his scythe, creating localized tornadoes to blow the zombies apart)

Kitty: Uh, excuse me. Are we actually doing something here? It looks like you can manage it on your own.

(Another wave of zombies rises, too many for the skeleton to handle blowing away)

Dudley: Perhaps we can help now. Let's go.

We proceeded to fighting the rest of the zombies, but our weapons were useless.

Cat: Ugh. It's not working.

Kitty: But look what else is coming.

Then, some of Electro Dragon's footsoilders came into the battlefield.

Kristina: As if one group of monsters wasn't bad enough.

Matthew: At least these guys we can handle.

Suddenly, a gush of ghosts erupts from the ground.

Michael: Whoa. Where did they come from?

(The blast stops, revealing a skeletal dragon rising from the ground)

Shine: Whoa. Look at that thing.

Kitty: Electro Dragon, is this your doing?

Skeleton: That's a zombie dragon!

Eli: It looks quite freaky. Not for being a dragon, but for being a zombie.

(The dragon grabs a claw full of zombies and chews them up)

Shine: Hey, it's being a cannibal.

Michael: Or it could be on our side.

Cat: I wouldn't count on that, son.

Skeleton: Of course its being a cannibal! Why do you think I said they CANNIBALIZE LESSER ZOMBIES?!

(The zombie dragon continued eating the other zombies. Each swallow made it glow)

Aaron: It's getting brighter.

(The glow doesn't last very long)

Michael: That didn't last very long.

(The dragon breathes on Electro Dragon's grunts, who wither and die)

Dudley: Huh. That's odd.

Sandy Dueler: No. Electro Dragon will be so disappointing in us.

Sharphorn: You're telling him.

Sandy Dueler: No. You're telling him.

Kitty: Neither one of you will have to tell him.

Sandy Dueler: Why?

Sharphorn: Are you going to surrender for us?

Kitty: Not even close. (Handcuffs the two villains) Shine, Michael, get these two back to TUFF. We'll continue to battle the zombies.

Shine: Will do, Aunt Kitty.

So Shine and Michael took Sandy and Sharphorn away while the remaining seven rangers continued what they could to fight the zombies.

(The zombie dragon knocks down a building)

Kitty: Hey, what do you think you are doing?

Skeleton: It can't think!

Dudley: Then how can it be moving?

Skeleton: The same way a puppet moves.

Matthew: But who's controlling it?

Skeleton: Who do you think?!

Aaron: Demonor?

Skeleton: Bingo.

Matthew: It seems hopeless to stop it now.

Dudley: How can you say that, Matthew?

Matthew: We've tried attacking, but nothing works.

(Sunlight shines on the dragon, melting it)

TUFFRangers: Huh?

We looked to see it was the sun's light. The building it knocked over was casting a shadow over the dragon.

Aaron: With that building it knocked over, it allowed the sun's light to get through.

Michael and Shine then came back.

Michael: What did we miss?

The skeleton used his air powers to fix the knocked over building.

Shine: I'm guessing not much, right?

Dudley: When then building was knocked over, some sunlight melted the zombie dragon away.

Skeleton: Demonor's creations share his weaknesses.

Shine: Then that means if we can get Demonor to be exposed to the sun, we'll be able to defeat him?

Skeleton: It's not that easy. He knows everything. When you're sleeping, when you're on the can, everything.

Kitty: So he's not easily fooled?

Skeleton: Exactly.

Then, Brandon and Team Elemental, Sub Elemental, and Neo Elemental showed up.

Dudley: Guys, you're here.

Brandon: We figured out a way to seal Demonor.

Kitty: How?

Brandon: Well, we'll discuss it in a special chamber we made.

Kitty: OK.

Brandon took us to a big cube.

Dudley: This cube thingy?

Brandon: It's outlined with mercury and unicorn hair. It'll shield us from demonic influence.

Eli: Um...Alright then.

Brandon: Everybody in.

(We hurried in and Brandon closed the door)

Cat: OK, Brandon. What is the plan?

Brandon: We assign partners for each member of Team Elemental.

Cat: And then do what?

Brandon: Then, we take the fight to him. (Pulls a lever, which reveals angel-themed armors in the colors of the main nine TUFFRangers) These will protect you from the toxic atmosphere of Demonor's realm.

Shine: How were you able to make those?

Brandon: Circle of Creation, Deus Ex Machina, the list goes on.

Eli: Alright. I'll take your word for it.

Brandon: Reach for the armors. They'll come to you.

We all did, and the armor came to us and fused with the TUFFRanger suits.

Dudley: Whoa.

Kitty: This is unbelievable.

Brandon: This is TUFFRanger Divine Mode.

Shine: Well, it is divine.

Eli: Is there a reason for it being called Divine Mode?

Brandon: Yeah. In this case, divine means of, from, or like God or a god.

Michael: You mean that divine?

Aaron: Well, it should help us out.

Brandon: Now for pair assignments. Keep in mind that some colors WILL be mismatched.

Eli: Doesn't sound like a problem to me.

Brandon: TUFFOrange, you're with TUFFEarth.

Shine: Alright.

Koryu: So I'll be hanging with the princess, huh? Cool. :D (Big Grin)

Kristina: I'm also a princess. The Princess of Petropolis.

Brandon: TUFFWhite, you're with TUFFMetal.

Kitty: Two white rangers working together. :D (Big Grin)

Ben: Yeah.

Brandon: TUFFRed, you're with TUFFWater.

Gene: Wow. So I'll be with TUFFRanger's leader.

Dudley: Actually, Kitty is the leader. Not me.

Gene: But, aren't you the red ranger.

Dudley: Yes. I am the red ranger, but I'm not the leader.

Susan: I'm a red ranger, too, Ben, and I'm not leading.

Gene: Oh. Sweating a little...

Brandon: TUFFBlack, you're with TUFFWood.

Sarah: Alright then.

Aaron: Fine by me.

Brandon: TUFFBlue, you're with TUFFFlame.

Kristina: Alright.

Susan: Yeah.

Brandon: TUFFGold, you're with TUFFGravity.

Eli: And who is that again?

Brandon: Oxford.

Eli: Oxford. I've only memorized and got to know the main team. Sorry.

Brandon: TUFFSilver, you're with TUFFMagnetism.

Cat: Just don't stick to me.

Kathleen: Giggle OK.

Brandon: TUFFGreen, you're with TUFFWind.

Michael: Cool. Two green rangers working together.

Gus: Yeah. :D (Big Grin)

Brandon: TUFFYellow, you're with TUFFLightning.

Matthew: I think that sounds like a good fit. :) (Smile)

Jacob: Hey, what about me?

Eli: Jacob's right. There's only nine of us.

Brandon: I made a robot TUFFPink to compensate.

Kitty: Can't we just get the real TUFFPink?

Brandon: I wasn't able to make a Divine Mode for her.

Dudley: Can't you do that right now? I don't think Robyn will be happy if she finds out you made a robot copy of her instead of just asking her to do the work.

Brandon: She got mentally scarred from fighting zombies, anyway.

(A cutaway shows Robyn shivering with fear in her bed)

Eli: I would think she'd be ready to fight by now considering how much older she's gotten since she ran away from her evil aunt. And yeah, I know. Not her real aunt, but still.

Kitty: I guess we'll just have to deal with it, guys. Besides, Robyn wasn't given the savage upgrade like we did.

Brandon: Moving on.

Kitty: Are we going to be going out now?

Brandon: Correct.

Kitty: Let's go, guys.

(Jump cut to us traveling through the hole from earlier)

Dudley: OK. So what do we do?

Brandon: First, we let the skeleton guide us.

Dudley: To where?

Brandon: To Demonor, of course.

Dudley: Oh right.

(Demonor comes to us, easily the same size of Wu Xing Titan)

Kitty: Whoa. Here he comes!

Brandon: Step 2, combine all of Team Elemental's powers to create a seal in time.

Koda: Right. Let's do it, guys.

Team Elemental fired beams of their powers as did the Skull Crystals.

Demonor: Prepare for you last mome-(Get hit by the beams) AAAH! (He gets sealed in crystal)

Michael: Alright. We got him.

Shine: So what now?

Brandon: I'll teleport the crystal somewhere nobody will ever find it. (He channels psychic energy into his hands and made the crystal disappear) Now, we head home.

We made it back to the surface.

Eli: It feels good to be back home.

Kitty: Was it even necessary for all of us to be there?

Brandon: Yes. This way, we can all share in the glory.

Cat: I think Kitty has a point. I think we were pretty much useless there.

Kristina: Is there something else we can do or is that pretty much it?

Brandon: You served many purposes. Without you, there wouldn't be any eyewitnesses. Also, there's safety in numbers. Plus, with each of you piloting the mecha forms of Team Elemental, your Divine Mode powers protected them from any spell Demonor could use against us.

Eli: I guess that's something.

Dudley: (Belches a flame out of his helmet's mouth vent) AAAH! (Takes his helmet off) I just belched a flame! How did I do that? I'm not a dragon.

Brandon: You must have absorbed some of the Divine Mode's power.

Dudley: Oh.

(The zombies began to disappear)

Kitty: The zombies seem to be starting to disappear.

Skeleton: I severed my connection to Demonor once I gained free will.

Kitty: And?

Skeleton: My fate is no longer connected to his.

Kristina: That's great. So what now?

Brandon: We may as well--

(The End cuts him off)
Title: The Undead Ranger.

This was something that MrBLUERANGERHERO and I were roleplaying for the past couple of weeks and considering it has zombies, I decided to upload it on Halloween. So in this fanfic, a skeleton appears with a TUFFRanger form and he needs help to defeat a demon, but I'll let you read the fanfic to find out.

Dudley Puppy
Kitty Katswell
Cat Katswell/Madame Catastrophe
Kristina Kittensworth
Michael Katsworth
Shine Ortiz
Aaron Katswell
Matthew Rabbit
Eli J. Brown
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Characters are (C) to Butch Hartman, Magic-Kristina-KW, Trainman3985, ShineWubbOrtiz2199, Darklord-Demon19, Myself, MrBLUERANGERHERO, TUFFAgentShepherd, Knightridergirl80, and alegonetomorrow.
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KingShovelton Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very interesting chapter. That Skeleton character was pretty damn cool, and even though he was being a jerk, he was amusing. I'm glad that he ended up helping everyone later on. That Demoner was a pretty cool character, too, although I feel that his defeat was a little anticlimactic for all the power he had. Still, it was exciting to see these battles with the zombies. The dragons were a great addition. ^^

Also, is it just me, or is Dudley a lot goofier than usual here? Not that I'm complaining, because I like seeing him act silly. :D
MrBLUERANGERHERO Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017
How about the Skull Crystals?
KingShovelton Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
They were a cool concept to me. ^^
MrBLUERANGERHERO Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2017
As for the anticlimax, we were pressed for time.
KingShovelton Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That makes sense. You were trying to get this done before Halloween passed. :nod:
MrBLUERANGERHERO Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2017
Yeah. How about the Divine Mode Armor?
KingShovelton Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That was cool, too.
MrBLUERANGERHERO Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2017
Dudley isn't the only one effected.
Eli-J-Brony Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017
I'm glad you liked this one. And I suppose Dudley can still have his inner funny play out sometimes.
Knightridergirl80 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Why am I credited? The only character I've owned in the TUFF puppy fan universe is Ariel Phantom and she doesn't appear in this story.
Eli-J-Brony Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017
You're credited for Eric Wolfman, even though he's only mentioned.
Knightridergirl80 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Oh I see, the nice Eric.
Eli-J-Brony Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017
MrBLUERANGERHERO Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017
Eli-J-Brony Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017
Thank you.
MrBLUERANGERHERO Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017
You're welcome.
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