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Kyurangers In Temple of Time


Prehistoric Squadron: Saurusger Chapter 31


Prehistoric Squadron: Saurusger Chapter 31

Title: Sharkfood One summer day, the Saurusgers and the Raptor Cheer Squad were all at the beach. They were getting things ready for a beach party later that evening. Daniel: I am so glad that we were able to take one trip to the beach this summer. Stuart: With everything that has happened this year, I wasn't sure if we'd ever have a chance to go to the beach. Kenny: Well, this is what this party is about. Uh, isn't it? Andrea: Uh huh. It's great that the mayor decided to open the beach back up. Just then, a Tedex truck pulled up. Out came George. George: Hey, kids. I've got the decorations for you. Kathy: That's great, Mr. Ferretson. George: I'll get it out of the truck for you. George went to the back of the truck and opened up the doors. Then he pulled out a big box. Kenny noticed that he was having a bit of trouble. Kenny: Do you need any help with that, Dad? George: No. I...whoa! Got it. Terry: Have you be carrying heavy packages like that? George: I've been carrying


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Griffguy26Hobbyist Artist

Hey eli is it okay to have my OC Black Horn for the upcoming Super Animal Squadron Sneaky Squadron Stealthranger as a monster enlarger please?

I was actually planning on having the monsters grow on their own will similar to Kakuranger.

Griffguy26Hobbyist Artist

well yeah, but the one that I was thinking was something from a sentai version of ninja steel, but okay.

Sorry about that.

Hey Eli, I am happy that you like my idea with engines from Jordan Jr to Richard Jr.

Yep Eli, how are you today.