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Simple Corset Tutorial

By Eli-Cosplay
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Hey guys! Corsets/Shapers are such a huge part of anime costumes right now and are always helpful to wear under a costume, not to mention it's my favorite part to make!

Here's a Tutorial to Help you learn how! (:

Princess Seam Tutorial:
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This comment might be very random if you don't know what I'm taking about XD Are you a My Chemical Romance fan? I recognise the style of text from one of their album booklets. 
Also thanks for the tutorial! Going to use this for my next cosplay :3
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So I want to make an underbust corset type thing (i don't really know what it's called to be honest XD) like what you have for your Mami cosplay, for my Angel Stocking cosplay...would I just maybe make the bottom of this longer and shorten the top? 
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Essentially, yes. The pattern will help you make the bottom you just don't need to make anything above the underbust line. 
I suggest making a mock up first to ensure it fits and looks right. 
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This tutorial is great. Did you use this technique for the top in your last picture as well?
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Thanks! Yes all the bodices shown here were made with this method~ (:
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Awesome. ^^ They all look great.
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Wonderful tutorial~ ! I'll be sure to use this when I make my Pinkie Pie Gypsy costume! 
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I'm glad it's helpful! (:
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