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Colour wip for You Can Go The Distance [link]
:bulletred: Cosimo 'Wilson Kane' Balthasar, titular hero of :icondedasaur: 's :iconthe-pirate-balthasar: webcomic. Have faith in him and he'll go the distance for you! :D
And then you can go the distance for him, with him, thanks to him... :ahoy:
After giving chances to freedom to so many people it's finally your turn. Enjoy this rightly earned freedom, Cosimo. In other words, this can also be seen as a complement to 'Cosimo, eventually' [link]

And you won't look back
You can go the distance
And you'll stay on track
No you won't accept defeat
It's an uphill slope
But you won't lose hope
Till you go the distance
And your journey is complete
But to look beyond the glory is the hardest part
For a hero's strength is measured by his/her heart...

aah, the things that hair of his inspire in me, streaming like a flaming comet in the wind :heart: *crooning tweaked Disney lyrics disguised as a Random Singing Seagull (TM)* :XD:

Bird's eye/overhead shots: tricky ones (in hindsight I would have done better using a ref for the neck-collarbone-deltoid area ), but they're fun to try.
Done with HB and 2B lead pencils on A4 recycled paper.
I'm going to fully colour this... it needs sea spray and streaming sun rays too. With a touchpad. Wish me luck, yes? XD
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I really like the pose in this. Its interesting!
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Success! Thank you ^^
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You don't need to select and separate the lines. Double click on the layer, put it on top and set it to multiply. Your lines will be untouched. You will paint underneath the color will go under the line giving them a bit of a feel of a tone on tone.

So your colors go on one layer. The shadow goes on a separate layer set to multiply, the lights go on a separate layer set on a lower opacity. on top goes the linework set on multiply :D
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Oh. The lines on top? Must try that. Thank you. How much is it? :heart:
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If your in Adobe Photoshop, you can make selections by using "Top Bar of Photoshop, Select, Color Range", and then in this situation for a drawing that you want to separate the lines from the paper and put them on a separate layer, click on a white part within the image preview box, then adjust the "fuzziness" slider from about 100 to 130 % depending on the image and click ok, what this does is select all white within the image, now go "Top Bar of Photoshop, Select, Inverse" what this does is invert the selection, so now all the lines are selected. now to put them on their own layer you go "Top Bar of Photoshop, Layer, New, Layer Via Copy" Now you have duplicated your pencil drawing onto it's own layer without having the white of the paper... you can then select the original layer and erase the drawing / fill it with white.. do whatever you want... you can digital colour it.. if you do it right you will have a nice clean line art on a separate layer.

I must stress that it does help to have a clean pencil drawing, but you can use it still on this sort of sketch.

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Nifty, I'll keep it in mind for linearts. Thank you :hug:.
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The hair is so amazing! Your abiility to capture perspective is phenomenal.
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*stage whisper* Kane's hair is a thing of wonder and awe *ç* .
I'm still working on my perspective rendition from extreme angles, but thank you :D.
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