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Pea_5 mins sketch

Quick pencil sketch ^^. I aimed for completing it in 5 minutes... still too much time. Must aim for 3 minutes, tops. But I'm trying, my :icondedasaur: darling !

:bulletpink:character: Cassiopea (Pea) Papadopulos from :icondedasaur: 's :iconthe-pirate-balthasar: webcomic
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It's nice, you achieved quite a lot in five minutes.
You know that mine is just a bad habit that comes from animations anyways hahahahaha.
The amount of work we're required to produce in one day, in that fields is huge.

You should see what my friend Nopp manages to do in one day. She can fill a full sketchbook with fully rendered illustrations.
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*W* to the whole reply.
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I don't like you!!
5 minutes
I can't do that in 30 minutes!
ok well seriously

I have nothing against you, I just wanted to over exaggerate
It's a nice drawing :)
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Ehm... thank you :XD: . It's not a big sketch anyway (10 cm x 10 cm on paper ) .

:icondedasaur: can do something like this (better actually... with finer shadows) in less than 3 minutes *ç* . I was seeing it live while jaw was waving hello at me from the floor XD. Admittedly, talent aside, she practices a lot every day and it pays back in the long run.
In a nutshell: let's practice, practice is key! :shakefist:
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Yeah, Practice is always good, but even if I can draw decently, I couldn't draw that fast
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slow or fast it's teh result that counts ^^.
In my case I'm trying the fast approach because it helps me focus and to trim down my tendence to 'ramble' even when drawing XD.
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