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Come and taste heaven

Wilson Kane from TPB webcomic [link] , here in moonlight Gaussian blur glory (XD), tempting his wife, just a little. Even at his sweetest I can't really imagine Mr. Pirate Perfect losing that certain edge and impishness :p . Hopefully his eyes and expression here are close enough to how Talia perceives them.
Seemigly cheesy title needs explanation XD.
1) He loves food. His lady loves food. One of the pillars of their symbiotic bond is sharing food. Preferably feeding each other. See here (uncanny timing ftw) : [link]
2) The circumstances of their meeting have been compared to Hades and Persephone's myth: [link] , with some healthy twists and snarkiness sprinkling :3.
The pomegranate in the pic is a nod to the myth, but also a delicious fruit still growing in the Mediterrenean area, or at least certain zones of it.
It was a childhood highlight whenever we went to the countryside in autumn. In South Italy you could find mushrooms and pomegranates,while in the North you could pick chestnuts as well :d

3) The webcomic chapter of TPB being presently released is titled 'Heaven&Hell' ;) .

:bulletred: CREDITS:
Characters by :icondedasaur: 's webcomic The Pirate Balthasar [link]
Gaussian blur tips: [link] (tutorial by Rhys :* )
and suggestions by Deda dearest :heart:
Caran D'Ache violet&blue pencil sketch on A4 recycled paper; highlights, background gradient and effects added in PS CS3.
TPB - the pinups series: :D
1. In Your Lover's Eyes. I. (Pifo) [link]
2. Like A Virgin (Foxy) [link]
3. Black cat and his heart (Cat) [link]
4. Worlds Within (Westley) [link]
5. Come and taste Heaven aka A taste of Heaven and Hell (Kane) [link]
6. Mr. Steeves, unveiled (Martin ) [link]
7. Kiss the queer monkey (Josh ) [link]
8. In Your Lover's Eyes. II. (Quoque Tu/Amil) [link]
8b. In Your Lover's Eyes. II. Encore (Quoque Tu/Amil) [link]

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Sì sì *^* . E pure il resto dell'equipaggio del fumetto non se la cava mica male XD.
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The movement of hair gives a beautiful effect and this eyes seem to pierce us
Eli-ArsNexus's avatar
Thank you. His hair is the drug I tell you XD
I was aiming for a piercing&alluring stare, glad to see it works ^^ .
Boys-In-Love's avatar
*agrees with previous comment* this is hot indeed!!!! :love:
and he has such a gorgeous face without the mask!!! 8D
great colour choices, and I love that purple hint in the eye and pomegranate! (YUM!)
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Hey :glomp: .
I'm not 100% happy with his jaw actually, but I think the eye is just like I envision it, very Kane XD. I was striving for maroon for the iris, but eh, tricky monitors. I'm sure it would look another colour on another PC XD. Anyway, it pops and that's what matters.
Pomegranate party, anyone? 8D
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^-^ This is really good...and (this may sound odd) kinda hot!
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Thank you ^^.
Why odd? :D . He's supposed to be a very attractive man after all :eyes: , I hope I can convey at least a fraction of that. And I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind the appreciation. He is the bragging type, you know :giggle:
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I meant odd that i am saying that aobut a picture, but he is attractive!
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*hands pomegranate seeds* welcome to the club ;p
Raineve's avatar
*takes them* Thank you!
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