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A New Journey

To the most ladylike of them all :*, Cassiopea Papadopulos. The one who struggles the most in an environment she - unlike her sisters - feels she doesn't belong to, she bears the burden of it gracefully but doesn't yield. The one with unshakable and uncompromising beliefs , values and ambition... at last opening a path of her own where she can shine, along with the man of her dreams (or, could we say, he's better than any dream ;D ).
Her pirate journey is destined to end sooner or later, and that life will be left behind. In the drawing she's radiantly embracing her present and her future. Good job and good luck, Pea (&Martin ;D ) !

:bulletpink: Characters : Cassiopea Papadopulos and some bits (XD) of Martin Steeves from :icondedasaur: 's webcomic :iconthe-pirate-balthasar:

Giotto and Caran D'Ache coloured pencils on A4 recycled paper, PSCS3 for background, colours and light effects.
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Pea is wonderful :heart:
Boys-In-Love's avatar
she looks lovely <3 CX you always put so much detail into your art!!
I especially love the curls of her hair, and the embroidery of lace (?) is amazing!!!
Eli-ArsNexus's avatar
Thank you :hug: . Hopefully the detail of the linework can balance out the quick&dirty touchpad paint strokes XDD.
You are right, that's embroidered lace. It was one of the staples of the era for respectable and reasonably wealthy classes (think of Van Dyck Englishmen portraits... Deda posted some of those in one of her early blog posts too) . You could find some amazing lace ornaments even on the most severe black Protestant outfits, tipically on the neck/chest and wrists area... In a way the contrast with the plain black fabric and otherwise somber cuts made the lace designs pop even more, as seen in many XVII century Netherlands portraits :D.
Liuna's avatar
Ohhh, so pretty :D
Eli-ArsNexus's avatar
Mission accomplished, hooray :D.
lilumoonhaven2's avatar
this is so beautiful! I love the colors, and the details are so well done.
Eli-ArsNexus's avatar
Thank you *hugs her touchpad for braving the heat XD*
lilumoonhaven2's avatar
you are so good with touchpad, I can't seem to get the hang of it.
Eli-ArsNexus's avatar
Have you painted with your fingers and/or used graphite sticks before? Whenever I colour digitally I have to use my touchpad and I find that recalling the feeling of fingerpainting helps me quite a lot.
lilumoonhaven2's avatar
hmm..ill keep that in mind, before i felt like i had no control over what i was doing like i did with pencil and paper. I'll try to recall that feeling when I'm using my touchpad. Thanks for the tip. :)
Eli-ArsNexus's avatar
I hope it helps ^^.
On the other hand, I've tried to use a tablet and pen once and the lines appearing on screen were nothing like the ones in my head, I was supposedly prepared to that but experiencing it was quite... puzzling. The proportions were totally off and the result looked like one of my childhood doodles XDD. It does require some time before you get the hang of it... as soon as I get the chance I'd like to try and practice again.
Dedasaur's avatar
Sooooo pink! *_*
Eli-ArsNexus's avatar
Latly I'm on a magenta pencil kick XDDD.
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