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Bla Rabkoum Ghire Enrouhou L' la coupe du monde.
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Really good. Thanks.
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Do we do our own HTML coding for this one? I only ask because I see other comments asking about how to access the HTML coding. Thank you for creating this piece of art and posting it. THANK YOU!
how to download html file of this templte pls pls tell me
I think this is the best photo portfolio template. Nice work.
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I really like this.
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how do i get the html
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Love it. And i also wonder if you have made a template ready to use for this one..
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great... thanks for sharing!!
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i want to get it .,.,.,.
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awesome work!! +fav
amazing work. Dark, yet sophisticated!
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It's a good design. Is the main body paper? If so, it looks quite unrealistic, more like a video game. From what I've seen from the rest of the site, I believe you can do a better job to make that look more realistic and less like it was pulled from a game.

If the main body *is* paper, then the text body is paper. More creative things can be done than redundantly putting different textures of paper on top of different textures of paper. You have one kind of paper navigation, another paper body frame, and another paper background for text. Just something to think about.

The paperclip also looks extremely fake, for a site that takes such measures to use such good textures, it'd be a shame to have such a fake looking paperclip. You can right away look at it and say, "Fake photoshop tutorial." You'd do better to use a real paperclip image or tone down and remap the textures to make it appear more photorealistic, perhaps mapping photographed rust instead of rust from a tutorial.

Finally, not much attention to usability has been made. Especially in the Typography area. Why is the text so small for instance? It's dumb little questions like that which are the most profound. Small text was a trend from 2004 when nobody ever had usability in mind. We're beyond that, at least raise the font size to something equivalent to 15px or higher. There's an interesting essay by a Japanese interface developer who went on a mission against small typography on the web in 2008, I can link you to it if you'd like more info for that arena. There's quintessentially no reason at all for it to be that small. It'd be nice to make the color of the blue text slightly darker and the lines a slightly lighter color.

There is also no drop shadow on the left and you can especially notice that towards the top left corner of the main body it starts to blend in with the background and becomes mush. I don't know what textures are on the main body or exactly what it's supposed to be, but it's not identifiably anything compared to the good job you've done in other areas.

There is random light highlighting the body of the page and bottom that seemingly comes from nowhere. Perhaps adding some IES lighting, having a light shine from the right side of the viewport would look so cool and really add to the effect you're going for, that dark dingy look. I've done similar on a Horror podcast site I had to design.

Anyways, just thought I'd provide some helpful constructive advice. I'm also a web designer, and I always love to use photorealistic tangible textures, they give a nice cinematic feel. I happened to see this on the front page and thought I'd provide constructive feedback. If you want me to mark this up in HTML5, animate and develop this, let me know.
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You really had something to say...
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where can i download this theme ?
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Polaroidfotos haben zum einen nicht die selben Nummern, zum anderen stehen die normalerweise auf der Rückseite. Und das gestreckte Polaroid macht ebenfalls wenig her, da hättest du besser ein "normales" Foto genommen, anstatt eines Polaroids.
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Great !! thanks for sharing :)
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